Dogic Lab

Stephen DeCamp

2013 Andor Insight Awards Winner

Oscillating Microtubule Bundles

Microtubules are a bio-polymer composed of the protein tubulin and are used extensively in the cell for cellular division, cell motility, and transportation of cargo within the cell. Here, we investigate the material properties of mixtures of microtubules, a depletion agent, and the molecular motor Kinesin. The microtubules, driven by Kinesin motors, spontaneously organize into bundles of microtubules that oscillate in a manner reminiscent of flagella and cilia found in biology. This engineered system will allow us to studying systems of self-propelled and self-organized matter that exist far from equilibrium in the field known as Active Matter.


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Nematic Starry Night
2D Active nematic liquid crystals composed of bundles of microtubules and kinesin motor clusters generate a beautiful, dynamic formation reminiscent of Van Gogh's famous night scene, 'Starry Night.'

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