Poster List

1. “Using Markov State Models to Study Self-Assembly”

Matthew R. Perkett, Michael F. Hagan

2. “Thermodynamic Model of Yeast Mating Type Switch”

Baris Avsaroglu, Gabriel Bronk, Jungoh Ham, Susannah Gordon-Messer, James E. Haber, Jane Kondev

3. “Spheroidal Swimmers in Shear”

Kaushik Balasubramanian, Aparna Baskaran

4. “Beating Cheaters At Their Own Game”

Joseph Rauch, Jane Kondev, Alvaro Sanchez

5. “Control of Actin Cable Length: Theory”

Lishibanya Mohapatra, Julian Eskin, Bruce Goode, Jane Kondev

6. “Self-Organized Flagellar Beating: A Numerical Approach”

Yaouen Fily, Michael F. Hagan

7. “Synchronization and Morphogenesis of Chemical Oscillators”

Ning Li, Nathan Tompkins, Camille Girabawe, Michael Heymann, Irving Epstein, Seth Fraden

8. “On-Demand Picoliter Droplets Generation”

Camille Girabawe, Rafael Aguade Phoenix , Seth Fraden

9. “Optical Control and Manipulation of Chemical Oscillators”

Nathan Tompkins, Ning Li, Michael Heymann, Irving Epstein, Seth Fraden

10. “Rheology of Active Networks”

Dan Chen, Stephen Decamp, Daniel Blair (Georgetown Univ.), Zvonimir Dogic

11. “Depletion Interaction of Microtubule Bundles”

Fiodar Hilitski, Andrew Ward, Zvonimir Dogic

12. “Ruthenium Complex Based Active Soft Materials”

Ye Zhang, Ning Zhou, Seth Fraden, Irving R. Epstein, Bing Xu

13. “Protein Structure from In Situ X-Ray Diffraction of Microfluidically Produced Protein Crystals”

Achini Opathalage, Michael Haymann, Seth Fraden

14. “Tunable Dynamics and Pattern Formation in an Active Suspension”

Gil Henkin, Stephen Decamp, Zvonimir Dogic

15. “Pulse Coupled BZ-Oscillators with Activity Dependent Coupling Strength”

Malia McAvoy, Viktor Horvath, Irving R. Epstein

16. “A Continuously Fed Unstirred Reactor for Microemulsion Systems”

Delora Gaskins, Khang Nguyen, Milos Dolnik, Irving Epstein

17. “Control of actin cable length and shape: Experiment”

Julian Eskin, Adam Johnston, Sarah Gannon, Bruce Goode

18. “Control of actin cable length: Theory”

Lishibanya Mohapatra, Julian Eskin, Bruce Goode, Jané Kondev

19. “Studies of the dynamics of a eukaryotic subcellular organelle”

Angela Niu, Lauren O’Neil (Carnegie Mellon Univ.), Michael King, Daniel Pomeranz Krummel

20. “High-resolution ultrastructural analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans anterior sensory nervous system”

David B. Doroquez, Cristina Berciu, James R. Anderson, Piali Sengupta, Daniela Nicastro

21. “Multistable phase patterns in finite oscillator networks”

Daniel Goldstein, Michael Giver