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Brandeis University MRSEC Computational Fellow

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The BioInspired Soft Materials Center (a National Science Foundation MRSEC) has an opening for a MRSEC Computational Fellow. This position offers independence in selection of research direction within the BioInspired Soft Materials Center.  The Center seeks to create new materials that are constructed from only a few simplified components, yet capture the remarkable functionalities found in living organisms. The center includes two Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs).  IRG1, Biological Active Materials, experimentally and theoretically characterizes active matter constructed from biological building blocks such as molecular motor proteins and microtubules. IRG2, Membrane based Materials, studies the principles that govern shaping and reconfiguring of membranes. This is achieved by studying both nanometer-scale lipid membranes and micron-scale membranes constructed from filamentous viruses or DNA origami rods. Both IRGs are highly collaborative, comprising investigators from across the Physical and Life Sciences.  The Computational Fellow will work closely with theoretical and experimental investigators from these groups.  The Fellow will lead her/his own research project as well as helping to direct scientific programming projects of other students and postdocs in the theory and experimental groups.  The Fellow will also take the lead role in directing the Brandeis MRSEC computational facility high performance computing cluster; the Brandeis Technology Services group will provide on-the-job training in systems administration to support this role.

The ideal candidate would have experience in performing large-scale simulations, programming for highly parallelized and/or GPU architectures, proficiency in C++ and the Unix shell environment, an interest in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, and a PhD in condensed matter physics, biophysics, theoretical or computational chemistry, or a related field.

To apply: please go to, and submit a CV, a short research statement and description of research interests, and three letters of recommendation. Brandeis University is an equal opportunity employer, committed to building a culturally diverse intellectual community and strongly encourages applications from women and minorities.

Brandeis University Biological Materials Lab Director

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The Brandeis University Bioinspired Soft Matter Materials Research Science and Engineering Center seeks to uncover the fundamental design principles underlying remarkable biological functions, and to use this knowledge to create a new generation of materials that are endowed with properties heretofore found only in living organisms.  Its research program straddles the interface between biology and materials science.  Starting from a few well-characterized building blocks of biochemical origin, the Center builds structures of increasing complexity to determine the components required for the emergence of the desired biological functionality.

The Center is seeking an experienced biologist to manage its Biological Materials Facility, a 500-sq.ft. laboratory including a cold room, liquid chromatography and preparative centrifugation equipment, multi-angle goniometric dynamic and static light scattering system, and a state of the art 1.9-liter bioreactor.  Responsibilities of the Director include acquisition of shared equipment and oversight of access and use of Facility resources for the production, use, and international distribution of cytoskeletal filaments and motor proteins, filamentous bacteriophages, and DNA origami scaffolds used in the Center's study of biologically-inspired self-assembling colloids and active liquid crystals.  You will review or design bioprocess and protein purification protocols to scale to meet the increasing demands of the Brandeis Center and collaborators worldwide.  You will make arrangements for access to specialized equipment located in other departments at Brandeis such as electron microscopes, analytical ultracentrifuges, and circular dichroism spectrometers.  You will train Facility users, mostly non-biologists, including teaching appropriate basic biology to enable students to achieve independence.  You will meet regularly with member faculty from multiple departments to identify opportunities to advance the Center’s mission.