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The MRSEC Program has several ongoing workshops with students and faculty working in the active matter field with computational, experimental, and theoretical backgrounds in the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry departments.  It has an Active Matter Workshop. It also has a BZ Bootcamp workshop.  The last “BZ Bootcamp" was attended by the various groups at Brandeis that are interested in working together on aspects of the dynamics of non-linear chemical reactions.

Participants came from the groups of professors Miller (neuroscience), Pollack (computer science), Epstein (chemistry), Xu (chemistry), Fraden (physics), Chakraborty (physics), Baskaran (physics), and Hagan (physics). The BZ Bootcamp was designed to bring everyone together to listen to talks on non-linear dynamics from the different perspectives of the wide range of disciplines represented in our research group in order to acquire a common set of experiences in the lab and with numerical and theoretical modeling.  The meetings of such an academically diverse group of attendees leads to workshops that offer a rich learning atmosphere and fostered peer-to-peer interactions.