Jacqueline Vayntrub

Jacqueline VayntrubAssistant Professor of Biblical Studies



Jacqueline Vayntrub's research focuses on the formation of the Hebrew Bible, its various genres and modes of discourse against the broader background of ancient Near Eastern literary production, and its reception in and impact on Western scholarship. Broadly, her work seeks to recover the values of ancient literary culture through the language of the texts and examines how these values were reshaped in their reception.

Selected Publications

Professor Vayntrub is currently working on her book, Beyond Orality: Performance and the Composition of Biblical Poetry. Some of her recent publications include "'Observe Due Measure': The Gezer Inscription and Dividing a Trip around the Sun," in Epigraphy, Philology, and the Hebrew Bible, ed. J. Hutton and A. Rubin (SBL Publications, 2015); The Book of Proverbs and the Idea of Ancient Israelite Education, ZAW (128/1 [2016] 96-114); To Take Up a Parable': The History of Translating a Biblical Idiom, VT (forthcoming).