2018 "Messiah Sing" descriptive transcript

The video fades from black to the annual holiday concert at Brandeis.

Students in the Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra are playing instruments and members of the Brandeis University Chorus, as well as attendees sing the lyrics to the "Hallelujah" chorus from Handel’s masterwork "Messiah."

One of the student performers is wearing a festive holiday bow in her hair.

Conductor Rob Duff, Associate Professor of the Practice of Music and Choral Conductor waves his baton to guide the performers.

"Messiah" and its iconic "Hallelujah" chorus is sung throughout the entirety of the video.

Shots range from a number of students playing a variety of instruments while also showcasing the chorus and attendees singing.

The video ends with a brief view of some of the paper snowflakes that fall from the ceiling along with the crescendo of "Hallelujah."

The screen fades to on-screen text reading: "Brandeis.edu" before fading to the final scene of one student performer making a silly face to a friend.

The video fades to end the video.