Welcome Class of 2021

Background music plays.

Usman Hameedi (off camera, speaking in slam-poetry style): The world needs you...

Video on screen: Four female students sit on the Great Lawn talking and laughing [inaudible].

Text on Screen: world needs you

Hameedi: to blossom into Phoenixes...

Video on screen: Close up video of female student sitting in an orientation circle.

Hameedi: and soar with the wingspan of your genius. Never fear...

Video on screen: Darkening sky with a sliver of moon and a balloon arch.

Text on screen: wingspan of your genius. 

Hameedi: flying into the unfamiliar.

Video on screen: Tight shot of the back of an orientation t-shirt that reads "Brandeis 'Deis Week" and the side profile of a female student.

Hameedi: The fact that you are sitting here now...

Video on Screen: As darkness begins to settle, a student looks directly at the camera while talking (inaudible) and sitting in an orientation circle with classmates.

Text on Screen: right now

Hameedi: means that the magic within you is already stronger than Expecto Patronum.

Video on screen: Tight shot of a luminary (white paper bag) with a blue candle inside. In the distance a row of similar luminaries are in view by a balloon arch outside of Shapiro Campus Center. Shot then pans to the Great Lawn where three orientation groups are sitting.

Text on Screen: already stronger

Hameedi: Because it is Emet, Truth unto its inner most parts. So be Brandeis bold.

Devise your own Dumbledore Army.

Video on screen: In a shot out of focus, the line of luminaries are seen again with a group of about 15 first-year students walking slowly by.

Text on screen: truth unto its inner most parts

Text on screen: Brandeis bold

Hameedi: Develop ambition...

Video on screen: Male student looks at camera and shows battery-operated candle with the word "hopeful" written in black ink on the base.

Hameedi: Define altruism...

Video on Screen: Female student holds lit battery-operated candle and looks down at it.

Hameedi: Defeat apathy...

Video on screen: Male student holds lit candle looks down, smiles and then looks back at the candle.

Hameedi: Dream absolute...

Video on screen: Female student holds lit candle looking directly at the camera

Hameedi: JK Rowling taught us that childhood does not end when books become...

Video on screen: Students slowly walking by camera smiling and talking (inaudible) and waving at camera.

Text on screen: childhood does not end

Hameedi: palms pressed together.

Video on screen: Three quick shots of three different groups of students looking up at a stage (off camera), listening.

Hameedi: Childhood ends when we stop believing in the magic in each heartbeat, the magic in being alive, the magic in defying expectations.

Video on screen: The entire Class of 2021 stands looking at the Light of Reason (an on-campus art installation comprising over a dozen oversized street lamps) in the dark with their backs turned to the camera. Slowly, they raise their candles above their heads.

Text on screen: Magic

Text on screen: Magic

Text on screen: Magic

Hameedi: You...

Video on screen: Female student smiles, with blue candlelight illuminating her face.

Text on screen: You

Hameedi: are the protagonist of your own story.

Video on screen: Class of 2021 stands together looking up at a stage.

Text on screen: your own story

Hameedi: Cast Stardust across the heavens and...

Video on screen: Slow pan of crowd holding up candles to reveal the Light of Reason also with the lights on.

Hameedi: glisten like the midnight Robe of Justice.

Video on screen: Tight shot of candles being placed by students at the base of the Light of Reason. Tight, moving shot of candles at the base of the sculpture.

Hameedi: Class of 2021, welcome to Brandeis University.

Video on screen: Tight shot of candles flickering at base of sculpture.

Text on screen: Class of 2021

Hameedi: This is Our House.

Video on screen: Light of Reason with the lights on and no one filling the space.

Text on screen: this is our house

Text on screen (fade to black): Welcome home. Brandeis University 

Text on screen: Slam poem by Usman Hameedi '12 "Brandeis the Original Hogwarts" (This is our House 2017)