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Hiatt Career Center

Andrea B. Dine, Executive Director
Location: Usdan Student Center
Mailstop: 204
Phone: 63618
Fax: 63622

Name Phone MS Office
Airasian, Kimberly
Blesso, Jacqueline Kopyt781-736-3627204Usdan Student Center 15
Crine, Abigail781-736-3612204Usdan Student Center 15
Dine, Andrea B.781-736-3620204Usdan Student Center 15
Dropkin, Lauren Alisa781-736-3616204Usdan Student Center 15
Liang, Lushang (Sonia)781-736-3617204781-736-3617
Menconi, Kristin781-736-8718204Usdan Student Center
O'Shea, Caroline781-736-3621204Usdan Student Center 15
Pavese, Josephine Jane781-736-3624204Usdan Student Center 15
Sansone, Mary R.204
Schlesinger, Jonathan781-736-3613204Usdan Student Center
Shulman, Andrew781-736-3618Usdan Student Center
Stafford, Ines M781-736-3619204Usdan Student Center 781-736-3619
Stephens, Alexandra781-736-3623204Usdan Student Center
Sylvestre, Sandra781-736-3589204Usdan Student Center 15
Weir Lytle, Cary Holmstrom781-736-3614204Usdan Student Center

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