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Public Safety/Campus Police

Edward M Callahan, Director
Location: Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety
Mailstop: 066
Fax: 64241, 68696

Emergency - 63333
Escort Service - 64999
Main Gate/ Disp. after 2:30 am - 65000
Main Gate/ Dispatch (5pm-2:30am) - 64999
Non-Emergency - 65000
Parking and Traffic (9am-4:30pm) - 64250
Public Safety Office (9am-5pm) - 64240
Security - 65000

Name Phone MS Office
Botelho, Dustin Paul066
Brown, Donald066
Callahan, Edward M781-736-4240066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety 109
Carter, Kimberly A781-736-5000066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety
Celona, Anthony P781-736-5000066
Chang, Van781-736-5000066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety
Chella, Anthony J.781-736-4250066
Cogan, Brian P.781-736-4207066
Coughlin, Sean Paul781-736-5000066
de Bethencourt, Michael J.066
De Francisco, Robert066
Deane, Douglas H781-736-5000066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety 1
Dias, Michael J781-736-5000066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety 1
Espada, Thomas781-736-5000066
Fagan, Michael066
Fantini, Derek
Gallagher, Jim
Gibson, Sherry Anne066
Gormley, Thomas066
Jean Pierre, Martial066
Kelley, Dana R781-736-4243066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety 133
King, Dana M781-736-5000066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety
Lake, Robert F.
Lima, Timothy066
McDermott, William F066
O'Hara, Patrick K066
Prince, Arthur
Quinlan, James R781-736-4207066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety 1
Reece, Alan J781-736-5000066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety
Reilly, Bette L781-736-4244066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety 134
Robichaud, Carol L
Santeusanio, Jon David781-736-5000066
Sousa, Paul Walter781-736-4207066Stoneman Infirmary and Public Safety 1

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