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Institutional Advancement

Zamira Korff, SVP of Intitutional Advancement Division
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Phone: 781-736-4047
Fax: 781-736-4118

Name Phone MS Office
Alumni Relations Volunteers, Brandeis
Reunion, Brandeis
Reunion, Debate

Advancement Administration

Zamira Korff, SVP of Institutional Advancement
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Phone: 781-736-4000
Fax: 781-736-4118
Korff, Zamira - 781-736-4047

Name Phone MS Office
Chused, David781-736-4060122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center Room 200
Gilbreath, J Michael781-736-4001122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-220B
Korff, Zamira781-736-4047122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-232
Morris, Ania781-736-4004122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Mutter, Hannah Rachel781-736-4066122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1
Rain, Sharon781-736-4007122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-200
Warnke, Erin E.781-736-4064122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-220A
Whatley, Patty781-736-4002122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center Development and Alumni Relations
Winship, Nancy K781-736-4002122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-232

Advancement Communications

Name Phone MS Office
Hamilton, Monica781-736-4134122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1
Klingbeil, Abigail781-736-4067122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1

Advancement Systems and Data Management

Leigh O. Creveling, Senior Executive Director of Advancement Systems and Data Management
Location: 51 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Mailstop: 126
Phone: 64048
Fax: 64109

Name Phone MS Office
Bodley, Robert S781-736-401612651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Bruce, Sharon E781-736-412301951 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Cambridge, Dolette K781-736-412712651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520 160
Creveling, Leigh O.781-736-404812651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520 Suite 520
Deahl, Valerie781-736-403512651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520 157
Goon, Stella781-736-412212651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Lee, Paula Mary781-736-412812651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520 160
Nickelson, Patricia Ryan781-736-412912651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Walley, Sean781-736-410412651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
White, Richard J781-736-413312651 Sawyer Road, Suite 520

Alumni Relations

F. Patricia Fisher, VP for Alumni & Univ. Relations
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 124
Phone: 6-4100
Fax: 64101
Jessica Esposito - 781-736-4038

Name Phone MS Office
Felson, Victoria781-736-4100124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Fisher, F. Patricia781-736-4107124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Genovese, Amanda781-736-4029124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2A
Mannathoko, Nikki781-736-4042124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
McCarthy, Barbara A.781-736-4111124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-206
Noyce, Molly781-736-4218124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Rene, Serghino781-736-4158124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-206
Rogol, Karen781-736-4106124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-209
Rosenberg, Sharon D781-736-4102124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-208
Santos, Abbey Beth781-736-4038124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2
Saykin, Alyson Beth781-736-2988124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1
Shakeri, Sarah781-736-4041124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Whittemore, Ashley781-736-4039122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200

Annual Giving

Aaron L. Louison, Director of Annual Giving
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Phone: 781-736-4013
Fax: 781-736-4118

Name Phone MS Office
Bertman, Alan781-736-4032122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-219
Cavanaugh, Caitlin Ann781-736-4119122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Fleischman, Lisa H781-736-4062122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-221
Golyak, Marianna781-736-4024122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-223A
Libraty, Marla Hellman781-736-4023122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-218
Louison, Aaron L.781-736-4013122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10
Niles, Benjamin McCrea781-736-4051122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Papiernik, Lauren781-736-4020122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Skidmore, Jonathan781-736-3005122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10
Testa, Ginelle781-736-4043122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-200
Wulf, Susan B.781-736-4045122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center Annual Giving (200)
Zierler, Casey Shizuye781-736-4154122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1

Brandeis National Committee

Beth Bernstein, Executive Director
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 132
Phone: 6-4190
Fax: 6-4183

Name Phone MS Office
Bernstein, Beth781-736-4190132Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-223
Brennan, M'Lissa A781-736-4178132Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-228
Hutchings, Thomas E.781-736-4166132Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Khandaker, Dania Idriss781-736-4171132Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Vogel, Tamar Grun781-736-4168132Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1

Corporations/ Foundations

Michael Dettelbach, Asst. VP of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Phone: 781-736-4052
Fax: 781-736-4099

Name Phone MS Office
Dettelbach, Michael781-736-4052122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10
Levitt, Richard781-736-4058122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10
Marchese, Miranda Lenore781-736-4050122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10
Resnick, Sandra781-736-4044122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10
Winkler, Stacey781-736-4053122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10

Donor Relations

Kristen Hyslop, Donor Relations
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 012
Phone: 64120
Fax: 64095

Name Phone MS Office
Evans, Emily781-736-4097012Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2
Germenji, Eralba781-736-4180012Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2
Heartlein, Linda781-736-4021012Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2A
Hyslop, Kristen781-736-4120012Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2
Klotz, Brian Christopher781-736-4033122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1
LeClair, Kathryn781-736-4026012Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2F

Planned and Leadership Giving

Myles E Weisenberg, VP of Development
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Fax: 64118

Name Phone MS Office
Aronson, Ruth R.781-736-4061122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-227
Burns, Beth Ann781-736-4008122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-214
Gibert, James781-736-4034122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Martin, Jane781-736-4507122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Parham, Franklin781-736-4009122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Weisenberg, Myles E781-736-4005122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200


Victoria S. Sundgren, Director, Prospect Research
Location: 51 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Mailstop: 019
Phone: 781-736-4153
Fax: 781-736-4159

Name Phone MS Office
Channer-Schmid, Cecily781-736-415101951 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Chidley, Carol781-736-415501951 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Cronin, Elizabeth781-736-415201951 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Frank, Ryan781-736-404001951 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Levinson, James W781-736-415001951 Sawyer Road, Suite 520
Sundgren, Victoria S.781-736-415301951 Sawyer Road, Suite 520

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