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Lemberg Children's Center

Howard Baker, Executive Director
Location: Lemberg Children's Center
Mailstop: 044
Phone: 781-736-2200
Fax: 781-736-2204

APA ACT Raising Safe Kids Northeast Regional Training Center - 62202
Center for Early Childhood Teacher Development - 781-736-2200
Creative Connections Camp for K-5 - 62200
DSQ & Dybwad Consulting - 62201

Name Phone MS Office
Allen, Kristen
Fuchs, Janet
Kelleher, Denise Hines
Kelleher, Matthew
Lowe, Elizabeth
Mazenkofski, Dita

Office Staff

Name Phone MS Office
Baker, Howard781-736-2201044Lemberg Children's Center
Eichenlaub, Karen781-736-2202044Lemberg Children's Center
Fallows, Judith781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Graves, Anna781-736-2203044Lemberg Children's Center
OConnell, Meghan781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Zhao, Chunbo781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center

Teaching Staff

Name Phone MS Office
Blask, Alyssa781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Bloom, Rachel781-736-2200 044Lemberg Children's Center
Braun-Levine, Katharine781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Cooper, Lindsay781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Farina, Kelly781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Garcia, Angela C.781-736-2200 044Lemberg Children's Center
Kane, Hannah781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Kepnes, Scott781-736-2200 044Lemberg Children's Center
Leibowitz, Becca781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Lopez, Sieara D781-736-2200 044Lemberg Children's Center
Mogavero, Hannah781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Parness, Jaimie781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Pieragostini, Chandra781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Rose, Joshua A.781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Sian, Sarah781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center
Yamamoto, Kumiko781-736-2200044Lemberg Children's Center

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