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Human Resources

Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 118
Phone: 781-736-4474
Fax: 781-736-4466

Name Phone MS Office
Dutra, Victoria
Rakoff, Rachel


Robin Nelson-Bailey, Vice President of Human Resources
Phone: 781-736-4463
Name Phone MS Office
Abeiga, Giovanna781-736-4464Sr. Department Administrator


Marianne Pick, Benefits Manager
Phone: 781-736-4468
Name Phone MS Office
Carey, Tim781-736-4461118Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 113
Quinn, Veronika781-736-4471Benefits Analyst
Stamps, Nadynne A781-736-4467Benefits Specialist


Lori Dougherty, Director of HR, Compensation, and Organizational Development Services
Phone: 781-736-3653
Name Phone MS Office
Chin, Erika781-736-4542Organizational Development Consultant

Employee Relations

Linda Shinomoto, Director of HR, Employee Relations, Employment, and Title IX
Phone: 781-736-4456
Name Phone MS Office
Cimino, Melinda781-736-4473Employee Relations and Employment Specialist
Farquhar, Cynthia781-736-4470Training Specialist
Jenkins, Deborah781-736-4472HR Business Partner/Sr. Employee Relations
Teque, Brianna781-736-4474HR and Employment Coordinator


Kelly P. Santos, Director of HR, Information Systems and Data
Phone: 781-736-4573
Name Phone MS Office
Lane, Heidi E.781-736-8757Sr. HRIS Analyst
Paul, Vanessa781-736-8411Associate HRIS Analyst

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