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Romeo Martinez, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 781-736-4365
Fax: 781-736-4393

Name Phone MS Office
Barraza, Maria781-736-4365025Epstein Building 102
Bautista, Nubia781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Castillo, Orlando A781-736-4365025Epstein Building 102
Charles, Jean781-736-4365025Epstein Building
DeOliveira, Manuel781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Diaz, Jeffrey A781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Escobar, Francisca I.781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Guevara, Marta781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Martinez, Romeo781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Merino, Dora A781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Mora, Carlos781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Quintanilla, Jesus781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Raberov, Yakov781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Rosa, Rocio781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Valdez, Marta L025
Ventura, Martir Oreste781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Vernet, Fritz781-736-4635025Epstein Building
Yanes, Olga Silvia781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Zarceno, Alfredo Ernesto025

Custodial-Sciences is a subdepartment of Facilities Services

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