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Custodial - Residence Life

Eduardo A Garcia, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 781-736-4621
Fax: 781-736-4393

Name Phone MS Office
Aguilar, Sergio781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Aguilera, Juan Antonio781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Ayala, Maritza781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Carbone, Michael D781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Duran, Jose781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Elysee, Jackson025
Elysee, Kewold781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Flores, Jesus Alejandro781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Flores, Victor M.781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Flores-Orozco, Manuel781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Garcia, Eduardo A781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Hernandez, Ana781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Iraheta, Jesus A781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Marquez, Noemy D781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Martinez, Jose781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Martinez, Oscar781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Metzler, Brandon781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Mewborn, William781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Ramirez, Mayvorly C.781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Richard, Kimberly Ann781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Rivas, Anabela781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Rivera, Wanda781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Ventura, Alexi R.781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Yanez, Miriam Evelia781-736-4821025Epstein Building

Custodial - Residence Life is a subdepartment of Facilities Services

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