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Professional Services

Peter Nash, Associate VP for Information Technology Services
Location: Feldberg Communications Center
Mailstop: 017
Fax: 64577

Name Phone MS Office
Ben-Gai, Ofer781-736-4536017Feldberg Communications Center 126
Benzan-Daniel, Olivia781-736-7278045Goldfarb Library
Brooks, Patrick781-736-4623045Goldfarb Library
Cadden, Carroll781-736-4809045Goldfarb Library
Colantonio, Keith781-736-7277045Goldfarb Library
DePaola, Kathryn Lee781-736-2257017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Desai, Bhavikkumar781-736-2558017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Doniger, Lauri781-736-2698017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Grasmere, Louise781-736-4487017Feldberg Communications Center
Harris, Shohreh781-736-4427017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Iyer, Venugopal
Jameson, Cathy781-736-4557017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Kotecha, Ravi M.781-736-7284045Goldfarb Library 118
Ma, Pei781-736-3804017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Ma, Xiaofeng781-736-4564017Feldberg Communications Center 126
McFarlin, Todd Jewell781-736-7276045Goldfarb Library
McKenzie, Andy781-736-3076045Goldfarb Library
Nash, Peter781-736-4561017Feldberg Communications Center 102A
Poloju, Sandeep
Post-Quinn, Alasdair C.781-736-4801045Goldfarb Library 115A
Stein, Jeffrey781-736-4579017Feldberg Communications Center 102
Trudel, Richard L781-736-4532017Feldberg Communications Center 124
Wong-Chan, So Wai781-736-4594017Feldberg Communications Center 114
Zawatski, Kristin M781-736-4572017Feldberg Communications Center 102

Professional Services is a subdepartment of Information Technology Services

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