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Nancy K Winship, Senior VP of Institutional Advancement
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Phone: 64000
Fax: 64036

For Stewardship see Donor Rel. - 64120
Name Phone MS Office
Brennan, M'Lissa A6-4178132Goldfarb Library
Cohen, Rebecca Schoen781-736-4100124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Cohen, Rebecca Schoen
Heartlein, Linda

Advancement Services

Paula Mary Lee, Exec. Director
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 126
Phone: 64128
Fax: 64109

Alumni/ University Relations

F. Patricia Fisher, Assistant VP for Alumni & Univ. Relations
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 124
Fax: 64101
Name Phone MS Office
Creveling, Leigh O.781-736-4048124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-207
Cronin, Theresa781-736-4067124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1
Fisher, F. Patricia781-736-4107124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
McCarthy, Barbara A.781-736-4111124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-206
Nocerino, Angela Gugliotta781-736-4029124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Phair, Brian781-736-4180124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 218
Rogol, Karen781-736-4106124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-209
Rosenberg, Sharon D781-736-4102124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-208
Saykin, Alyson Beth781-736-2988124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-1
Shakeri, Sarah781-736-4041124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Tamlyn-Hayden, Alyssa781-736-4066124Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Whittemore, Ashley781-736-4039122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200

Annual Giving

Mark D Ableman, Asst. V.P.for Development
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Fax: 64118
Name Phone MS Office
Ableman, Mark D781-736-4051122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-225
Bertman, Alan781-736-4032122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-219
Fleischman, Lisa H781-736-4062122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-220
Goguen, Richard781-736-4025122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-2
Haley, Marietta781-736-4033122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-200
Louison, Aaron L.781-736-4013122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-10
Morrow, Molly McRoskey781-736-4119122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-200
Nadeau, Janet L.781-736-4043122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-200
Papiernik, Lauren781-736-4020122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 200
Poulos, Heather Dawn781-736-4019122
Ragno, Stephen Russell781-736-4012122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center Development
Segaloff, Rachel781-736-4024122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 73-221
Stroum, Marc A.781-736-4042122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center 222
Wulf, Susan B.781-736-4045122Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center Annual Giving (200)

Corporations/ Foundations

Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Fax: 64099

Donor Relations

Barbara M Hescock
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 012
Phone: 64022
Fax: 64095

Front Office

Nancy K Winship, Sr. VP - Institutional Adv
Fax: 64036

Leadership Giving

Myles E Weisenberg, VP of Development
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 122
Fax: 64118


Judith E Rottenberg, Exec. Director
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 019
Phone: 64151
Fax: 64159
Name Phone MS Office
Bruce, Sharon E781-736-4152019Epstein Building
Chidley, Carol781-736-4155019Epstein Building
Levinson, James W781-736-4150019Epstein Building 115
Rottenberg, Judith E781-736-4151019Epstein Building 102-152
Sundgren, Victoria S.781-736-4153019Epstein Building
Wright, Janice M781-736-4158126Epstein Building Development & Alumni Relatins

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