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Facilities Services

Robert John Avalle, Vice President for Facilities Services
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 781-736-4385
Fax: 781-736-4393

Business Affairs - 64385
Work Orders & Repairs Help Line - 68500

Name Phone MS Office
Beaupre, Matthew
Delgado, Raul
Donis, Renata
Fogarty, Ryan
French, Ron
Maggiore, Nicholas
Mantia, Anthony025
Nutt, Michael
O'Hara, Kevin
Pais, Teresa Del Carmen025
Rivera Esquivel, Carolina
Samford, Cory
Shoemaker, Don
Spiegel, Christopher
Tortora, Frank S025
Vereker, Joseph
Williams, Norman

Administration - Business Affairs

Mary A Sharrigan
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64385
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Haggerty, Lea781-736-4358025Epstein Building 781-736-4358
Kamin, Justin781-736-4193025Epstein Building 111
Morris, Kristen Marie781-736-4501025Epstein Building
Sharrigan, Mary A781-736-4367025Epstein Building
Spicer, Marie781-736-4378025Epstein Building

Administration - Operations

Robert John Avalle
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64366
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Avalle, Robert John781-736-4366025Epstein Building
Bushey, William781-736-4364025Epstein Building
Ensminger, Michael025Epstein Building 102
McGarry, Michael781-736-5102025Epstein Building
Perkins, Joseph781-736-4191025Epstein Building
Realejo, Joseph781-736-4348025Epstein Building
Romanelli, Stephen781-736-4501025Epstein Building
Rovan, Andrew Kristian781-736-4521025Epstein Building 102
Wohlstrom, Matthew Robert781-736-4311025Epstein Building 102

Campus Sustainability Initiative

Mary Fischer
Location: Bernstein-Marcus Administration Center
Mailstop: 111

Name Phone MS Office
Fischer, Mary781-736-8744025Epstein Building 117

Carpentry & Lockshop

Gardner Peters
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Hodge, Donald781-736-4824025Epstein Building
Morgan, James G781-736-4824025Epstein Building
Santana, Jorge Luis781-736-4824025Epstein Building

Central Heating Plant

William Bushey
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64360
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Bushey, William781-736-4364025Epstein Building
Connors, Joseph W781-736-4395025Central Heating Plant
French, Dennis K781-736-4395025Central Heating Plant
French, Donald M781-736-4395025Central Heating Plant
Smith Jr, James A781-736-4395025Central Heating Plant
Terrazano, Stephen J781-736-4395025Central Heating Plant

Custodial - Residence Life

Eduardo A Garcia, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 781-736-4621
Fax: 781-736-4393

Name Phone MS Office
Aguilar, Sergio781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Aguilera, Juan Antonio781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Ayala, Maritza781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Carbone, Michael D781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Duran, Jose781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Elysee, Jackson025
Elysee, Kewold781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Flores, Jesus Alejandro781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Flores, Victor M.781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Flores-Orozco, Manuel781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Garcia, Eduardo A781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Hernandez, Ana781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Iraheta, Jesus A781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Marquez, Noemy D781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Martinez, Jose781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Martinez, Oscar781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Metzler, Brandon781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Mewborn, William781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Ramirez, Mayvorly C.781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Richard, Kimberly Ann781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Rivas, Anabela781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Rivera, Wanda781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Ventura, Alexi R.781-736-4821025Epstein Building
Yanez, Miriam Evelia781-736-4821025Epstein Building


Philip Cristobal Alvarado, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 781-736-4821
Fax: 781-736-4393

Name Phone MS Office
Castillo, Ana781-736-4384025Epstein Building
Lee, Fred781-736-4384025Epstein Building
Lopez, Milagro Francisca781-736-4384025Epstein Building
Ordaz, Guadalupe781-736-4384025Epstein Building
Silveira, Manuel781-736-4384025Epstein Building
Tang, James781-736-4384025Epstein Building


Jenny M Benavides, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64373
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Aguilera, Francisca E781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Benavides, Jenny M781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Boucher, Guy O781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Diaz, Dora M781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Escobar, Geronimo025
Germain, Marie781-736-4373025Epstein Building
German, Luis Rafael781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Guerra, Argentina781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Iraheta, Silvia Dinora781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Jovel, Maritza Lorena781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Lopez, Olinda781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Motto, Elena781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Orellana, Dina H.781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Sandoval, Javier781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Santiago, Raul781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Tang, Kin781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Valladares, Adrian781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Valle, Dora E781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Velez, Samuel781-736-4373025Epstein Building
Yanes, Roel Dario781-736-4373025Epstein Building


Romeo Martinez, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 781-736-4365
Fax: 781-736-4393

Name Phone MS Office
Barraza, Maria781-736-4365025Epstein Building 102
Bautista, Nubia781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Castillo, Orlando A781-736-4365025Epstein Building 102
Charles, Jean781-736-4365025Epstein Building
DeOliveira, Manuel781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Diaz, Jeffrey A781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Escobar, Francisca I.781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Guevara, Marta781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Martinez, Romeo781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Merino, Dora A781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Mora, Carlos781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Quintanilla, Jesus781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Raberov, Yakov781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Rosa, Rocio781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Valdez, Marta L025
Ventura, Martir Oreste781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Vernet, Fritz781-736-4635025Epstein Building
Yanes, Olga Silvia781-736-4365025Epstein Building
Zarceno, Alfredo Ernesto025


John Bianchi, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64377
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Kehoe, Michael781-736-4377025Epstein Building
Nichol, Michael L.781-736-4377025Epstein Building
O'Connell, John T.781-736-4377025Epstein Building
Scarnici, Michael781-736-4377025Epstein Building


Dennis V Finn Jr, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64374
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Finn Jr, Dennis V781-736-4374025Epstein Building
Greene, Michael781-736-4374025Epstein Building
Guerrero, Roberto N781-736-4374025Epstein Building
Nauss, Karl781-736-4374025Epstein Building
Ortega, Juan781-736-4374025Epstein Building
Papastavrou, Christos781-736-4374025Epstein Building
Santana Jr, Jose781-736-4374025Epstein Building
Sowden, Robert Skyler781-736-4374025Epstein Building

Machine Shop

Francisco Mello Jr, Operator
Mailstop: 041
Phone: 64355
Fax: 67705

Name Phone MS Office
Mello Jr, Francisco781-736-4355029Rosenstiel Basic Medical Sciences Research Center

Mechanical Svcs

Dennis Anemoduris, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64376
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Adams, James D781-736-4376025Epstein Building
Anemoduris, Dennis781-736-4376025Epstein Building
Donohoe, Leonard G.781-736-4387025Epstein Building
Hayes, Michael781-736-4387025Epstein Building
Keill, John781-736-4387025Epstein Building
Manoukian, John781-736-4376025Epstein Building
Neal, Stephen781-736-4387025Epstein Building
Rossetti, Kenneth781-736-4387025Epstein Building
Santiago, Victor M781-736-4387025Epstein Building
Tighe, David J.781-736-4376025Epstein Building
Troiani, Paul781-736-4376025Epstein Building

Science Maintenance

Ryan M Donahue, Manager
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 67579
Fax: 67705

Name Phone MS Office
Belyea, Dennis781-736-7579025Epstein Building
Donahue, Ryan M781-736-7579025Epstein Building


Thomas F Sullivan, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64379
Fax: 64393

Name Phone MS Office
Sullivan, Thomas F781-736-4379025Epstein Building

TPH Department

Gardner Peters, Supervisor
Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 025
Phone: 64354
Fax: 781-736-4393

Name Phone MS Office
Conti, David781-736-4354025Epstein Building
Fitzgerald, William B781-736-4354025Epstein Building
Hoover, Peter781-736-4354025Epstein Building
Pena, Misael De781-736-4354025Epstein Building
Sheard, Kevin R.781-736-4354025Epstein Building
Taverna, Robert L.781-736-4354025Epstein Building
Valle, Noel781-736-4354025Epstein Building

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