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Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 079
Phone: 62064
Fax: 62078

Co-Director (Shulamit Reinharz) - 68105
Co-Director (Sylvia Fishman) - 62065

Name Phone MS Office
Associates, Boulanger079
English, Claire
Fishbayn, Lisa781-736-3116079Epstein Building 133
Goldish, Josette079
Grossman, Melissa781-736-2131
Hammer, Viva
Heckman, Alma
Hillel, Rachel
Hough, Sarah J.M.781-736-8101079Epstein Building
Katvan, Eyal079
Kolar, Stanislav
Labovitz, Gail
Leonard, Nancy Ross781-736-2064079Epstein Building 130
Lerner, Anne
Lerner, Anne
Levin, Tobe079
Lichtenstein, Nina
Olins, Deborah Newman781-736-8113079Epstein Building 102
Powell, Amy781-736-4883079Epstein Building 135
Preuss, Terri Brown781-736-8106079Epstein Building
Putterman, Rachel Amy
Rebrova, Irina
Ringuet, Chantal
Roisman, Lois079
Rosales, Mauricio
Rosenberg, Lilach
Roskies, Jennifer
Roskies, Jennifer
Schlossberg, Jennifer
Walsh, Zanefa
Yedidya, Asaf
Yeo, Eileen

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