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International Business School

Peter A Petri, Interim Dean
Location: Lemberg Academic Center
Mailstop: 032
Phone: 62256
Fax: 62267

Name Phone MS Office
Allen, Nancy W781-736-4843032Lemberg Academic Center 248
Bergstresser, Karen Bonadio781-736-8634032Lemberg Academic Center 246
Clayton, Megan
Garcia, Raffi Enmanuel
Jack, Adrienne
Johnson, Lisa
Katz, Nancy R.032Lemberg Academic Center 257
Levin, Enrique
Maione, Ciro
Pan, Carolina I032
Ros, Agustin
Schwartz, Joel

Admissions, Career Strategies, and Engagement

Micha Sabovik

Name Phone MS Office
Brehm, Geraldine Poskosh781-736-8541032Lemberg Academic Center 156
Gallagher, Kathleen781-736-8546032Lemberg Academic Center 153
Hackett, Winn
Hyslip, Gretchen781-736-4819032Lemberg Academic Center 148
Katz, Marcia G781-736-2734032Lemberg Academic Center 155
Khan, Mark I.781-736-8546032Lemberg Academic Center 153
Outar, Jane Mahoney781-736-8548032Lemberg Academic Center 158
Riemer, Diane781-736-2238032Lemberg Academic Center 159
Rodriguez, Teresa781-736-2205032Lemberg Academic Center 150
Rooney, Carrie C.781-736-2209032Lemberg Academic Center ACE Suite
Sabovik, Micha781-736-4829
Sheehan, Briana Rae781-736-8558032Lemberg Academic Center L-147
Siefers, Kristen781-736-2233147
Siefers, Kristen
Sugrue, Kelly Brookes781-736-2248032Lemberg Academic Center 151
Wasdyke, Rachel781-736-5209032Lemberg Academic Center L-155


Matthew A. Parillo
Location: Sachar International Center
Mailstop: 032

Name Phone MS Office
Mocle, Samantha R781-736-2271032Lemberg Academic Center Dean's Suite
Murphy, Michelle781-736-2254032Lemberg Academic Center
Parillo, Matthew A.781-736-5206032Sachar International Center 2

Dean's Office

Location: Lemberg Academic Center
Mailstop: 032
Fax: 62269

Name Phone MS Office
Berechman, Debbie781-736-8399032Lemberg Academic Center 249
Cassidy, Barbara781-736-8351032Lemberg Academic Center 269
Dolbear Jr, Frank T781-736-2244021Sachar International Center 201
Forde, Kelly781-736-7149032Lemberg Academic Center L-261
Graddy, Kathryn781-736-8616021Sachar International Center 203
Keen, Kathleen781-736-4817032L-208
Morreale, Katelyn781-736-8367
Morreale, Katelyn781-736-8367
Petri, Peter A781-736-2256032Lemberg Academic Center 262
Salop, Catherine781-736-2414032Sachar International Center 210
Sherrington, Simon R781-736-2283032Lemberg Academic Center 260


Mailstop: 032

Name Phone MS Office
Abdurezak, Hamza032Sachar International Center S-124B
Alt, Christopher032Sachar International Center S-001G
Angell, Robert A032Sachar International Center 1D
Ballantine Jr., John W.781-736-4841021Sachar International Center 13
Bayone, Edward Jay781-736-4874032Lemberg Academic Center 259
Bergstresser, Daniel781-736-5007032Lemberg Academic Center 128C
Browne, Lynn032Sachar International Center 001D
Canella, Alfonso F781-736-4590032Sachar International Center 17
Carver, Robert H032Sachar International Center 11
Cecchetti, Stephen781-736-4856021Sachar International Center 255
Cha, Sandra781-736-8462032Lemberg Academic Center 256
Chakraborty, Avik
Dean, Judith781-736-8547032Sachar International Center 130-E
Ebert, Jane781-736-2294032Lemberg Academic Center 250
Ellet, William032Sachar International Center 11B
Getter, Shelton032Sachar International Center S-017
Ghosh, Shanto032Sachar International Center 1D
Gomes-Casseres, Benjamin781-736-2264021Lemberg Academic Center 258
Harrity, Michael H.032Sachar International Center 11B
Hsiaw, Alice781-736-2251032Sachar International Center S-214 A
Katzen, Joshua032Sachar International Center 11A
Koskinen, Benjamin032Sachar International Center 11
LeBaron, Blake781-736-2258021Sachar International Center 204
Leon, Warren032Sachar International Center 1C
Leu, James032Sachar International Center 1D
Lopez, Ricardo781-736-4823032Sachar International Center 123
Lundgren, David
Lupton, Shaw
Mann, Catherine L.032Lemberg Academic Center
McKay, Michael032Sachar International Center 11B
Molinsky, Andrew L781-736-2255032Lemberg Academic Center 254
Morrison, J. Bradley781-736-2246032Lemberg Academic Center 251
Musacchio, Aldo781-736-2249032Sachar International Center S-114
Nandy, Debarshi K781-736-8364032Sachar International Center 209A
Nierenberg, Eric032Sachar International Center 11A
Osler, Carol L781-736-4826021Sachar International Center 205
Petri, Peter A781-736-2256032Lemberg Academic Center 262
Piepenburg, Robert
Podorefsky, Robert032Sachar International Center 016
Rai, Bharatendra K032Sachar International Center 1C
Reed Jr., Charles781-736-2243021Lemberg Academic Center 257
Reitano, Robert R.781-736-5204032Lemberg Academic Center 253
Scherbina, Anna781-736-4709032Sachar International Center 215
Schroter, Lydia
Schultz, Michael E.
Schumann, Erich032Sachar International Center 16
Shaby, David032Sachar International Center 011-B
Sisli Ciamarra, Elif781-736-8544032Sachar International Center 130D
Stoller, Linda A.
Strauss, Lawrence I.032Lemberg Academic Center 257
Suderow, Detlev H.781-736-8368032Sachar International Center 16
Sun, Yang781-736-4708032Sachar International Center 014
Thomas, Sharon A
Toth, K. Tibor
Tyson, Mitch032Sachar International Center 1D
Tyson, Mitch032Sachar International Center 1D
Weihs, Hagit781-736-8545032Sachar International Center 130B
Xia, Qingxi Steve
Zimmerman, Grace E.781-736-4842032Lemberg Academic Center Economics Suite 161

Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience

Kate Goldfield, Assistant Dean
Location: Sachar International Center
Mailstop: 032
Phone: 62250
Fax: 62267

Name Phone MS Office
Goldfield, Kate781-736-2260032Sachar International Center 121B
Hasselriis-Ghom, Lauren781-736-4857032Sachar International Center 2nd Floor
Irizarry, Alyssa781-736-2266032Sachar International Center 121A
Lee, Pin-Lun781-736-2261032Lemberg Academic Center 121-A
Morse, Viola H781-736-8549032Sachar International Center 128A
Muise, Karen E781-736-2240032Sachar International Center 130C
Robitaille, Meredith J781-736-2241032Sachar International Center 128E
Shur-Wilson, Anna781-736-8362032Sachar International Center 121-A
Veira, David Andrew781-736-2245032Lemberg Academic Center 128-A
Yonas, Ida781-736-4705S-121A


Location: Sachar International Center
Mailstop: 032
Phone: 62231
Fax: 62267

Name Phone MS Office
Ager, Daniel68554Sachar International Center S-102B
Bernard, Jason781-736-4740032Sachar International Center 12
DePaola, Kathryn Lee7817362257032Sachar International Center 102
Gethin, Patrick781-736-4849032Sachar International Center 102-A
Knowles, Steven James781-736-8543032Sachar International Center 104
La Creta, James J781-736-2231017Feldberg Communications Center 103

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