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International Business School

Peter A Petri, Interim Dean
Location: Lemberg Academic Center
Mailstop: 032
Phone: 62256
Fax: 62267

Name Phone MS Office
Clayton, Megan
Garcia, Raffi Enmanuel
Jack, Adrienne
Johnson, Lisa
Lee, Pin-Lun
Maione, Ciro
Murphy, Michelle
Pan, Carolina I032
Rooney, Carrie C.
Ros, Agustin
Schermer, Leah
Schwartz, Joel
Sheehan, Briana Rae781-736-3025042Brown Social Science Center 325
Toft, Tyler
Ward, Emerson
Wasdyke, Rachel

Admissions, Career Strategies, and Engagement

Micha Sabovik


Matthew A. Parillo
Location: Sachar International Center
Mailstop: 032
Name Phone MS Office
Mocle, Samantha R781-736-2271032Lemberg Academic Center Dean's Suite
Moores, Christina781-736-8563S-001A
Parillo, Matthew A.781-736-5206032Sachar International Center 2

Dean's Office

Location: Lemberg Academic Center
Mailstop: 032
Fax: 62269

Development and Alumni Relations

Location: Lemberg Academic Center
Mailstop: 032
Phone: 68634
Fax: 62269

Name Phone MS Office
Allen, Nancy W781-736-4843032Lemberg Academic Center 248
Bergstresser, Karen Bonadio781-736-8634032Lemberg Academic Center 246


Mailstop: 032
Name Phone MS Office
Abdurezak, Hamza032Sachar International Center S-124B
Alt, Christopher032Sachar International Center S-001G
Angell, Robert A032Sachar International Center 1D
Ballantine Jr., John W.781-736-4841021Sachar International Center 13
Bayone, Edward Jay781-736-4874032Lemberg Academic Center 259
Bergstresser, Daniel781-736-5007032Lemberg Academic Center 128C
Browne, Lynn032Sachar International Center 001D
Canella, Alfonso F781-736-4590032Sachar International Center 17
Carver, Robert H032Sachar International Center 11
Cecchetti, Stephen781-736-4856021Sachar International Center 255
Cha, Sandra781-736-8462032Lemberg Academic Center 256
Chakraborty, Avik
Dean, Judith781-736-8547032Sachar International Center 130-E
Ebert, Jane781-736-2294032Lemberg Academic Center 250
Ellet, William032Sachar International Center 11B
Getter, Shelton032Sachar International Center S-017
Ghosh, Shanto032Sachar International Center 1D
Gomes-Casseres, Benjamin781-736-2264021Lemberg Academic Center 258
Harrity, Michael H.032Sachar International Center 11B
Hsiaw, Alice781-736-2251032Sachar International Center S-214 A
Katzen, Joshua032Sachar International Center 11A
Koskinen, Benjamin032Sachar International Center 11
LeBaron, Blake781-736-2258021Sachar International Center 204
Leon, Warren032Sachar International Center 1C
Leu, James032Sachar International Center 1D
Lopez, Ricardo781-736-4823032Sachar International Center 123
Lundgren, David
Lupton, Shaw
Mann, Catherine L.032Lemberg Academic Center
McKay, Michael032Sachar International Center 11B
Molinsky, Andrew L781-736-2255032Lemberg Academic Center 254
Morrison, J. Bradley781-736-2246032Lemberg Academic Center 251
Musacchio, Aldo781-736-2249032Sachar International Center S-114
Nandy, Debarshi K781-736-8364032Sachar International Center 209A
Nierenberg, Eric032Sachar International Center 11A
Osler, Carol L781-736-4826021Sachar International Center 205
Petri, Peter A781-736-2256032Lemberg Academic Center 262
Piepenburg, Robert A.
Podorefsky, Robert032Sachar International Center 016
Rai, Bharatendra032Sachar International Center 1C
Reed Jr., Charles781-736-2243021Lemberg Academic Center 257
Reitano, Robert R.781-736-5204032Lemberg Academic Center 253
Scherbina, Anna781-736-4709032Sachar International Center 215
Schroter, Lydia
Schultz, Michael E.
Schumann, Erich032Sachar International Center 16
Shaby, David032Sachar International Center 011-B
Sisli Ciamarra, Elif781-736-8544032Sachar International Center 130D
Stoller, Linda A.
Strauss, Lawrence I.032Lemberg Academic Center 257
Suderow, Detlev H.781-736-8368032Sachar International Center 16
Sun, Yang781-736-4708032Sachar International Center 014
Thomas, Sharon A
Toth, K. Tibor
Tyson, Mitch032Sachar International Center 1D
Tyson, Mitch032Sachar International Center 1D
Weihs, Hagit781-736-8545032Sachar International Center 130B
Xia, Qingxi Steve
Zimmerman, Grace E.781-736-4842032Lemberg Academic Center Economics Suite 161

Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience

Kate Goldfield, Assistant Dean
Location: Sachar International Center
Mailstop: 032
Phone: 62250
Fax: 62267


Location: Sachar International Center
Mailstop: 032
Phone: 62231
Fax: 62267

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