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Information Technology Services

James J La Creta, CIO
Location: Feldberg Communications Center
Mailstop: 017
Phone: 781-736-2231

Classroom - 64632
Computer Help Hotline - 64357
Latte Helpline - 65883
Media/AV Services - 64632
Repair Shop(Goldfarb) - 64801

Name Phone MS Office
Atte, Larry
Basic, Security
Bollu, Vamsi
Booth, Donna
Bsharah, Susan
corey, Justin
Durand, Nicole
Foster, Natalie
Grodin, Tyler
Guenthner, Randy
Hutton, Stuart
Killoy, Jake
Mikolajewski, Chris
Splunk, Security
Support, CollegeNET
Thomas, Terry
Van Maren, David
Yangouyian, Chris

Data & Systems Integration

Ian P Rifkin, Director of Data and Systems Integration
Location: Feldberg Communications Center
Mailstop: 017
Phone: 781-736-64216
Fax: 64577

Name Phone MS Office
Dodds Jr., Richard781-736-3537017Feldberg Communications Center 112
Emery, Joshua781-736-4267017Feldberg Communications Center 107
Guerra, Jennifer Ann781-736-4593017Feldberg Communications Center 105
Redman, Sarah781-736-4278017Feldberg Communications Center 108
Rifkin, Ian P781-736-4216017Feldberg Communications Center 108
Sainio, Garth C.781-736-4284017Feldberg Communications Center 108
Shanmugam, Karthik781-734-5683017Feldberg Communications Center 112
Welch, Cliff781-736-4691017Feldberg Communications Center 105
Wisniewski, David781-736-4215017Feldberg Communications Center 108
Wu, Fei781-736-2156017Feldberg Communications Center 112

Information Technology Services Administration

James J La Creta, CIO
Location: Feldberg Communications Center
Mailstop: 017
Phone: 781-736-2231

Name Phone MS Office
Bernard, Jason781-736-4740032Sachar International Center 12
Hage, Lindsay781-736-4711017Feldberg Communications Center 102A
Huff, Aimee781-736-4030046Goldfarb Library 236
La Creta, James J781-736-2231017Feldberg Communications Center 103
Loyd, Alexis Hilts781-736-4638017Feldberg Communications Center 101
Xie, Lucy781-736-3043017Feldberg Communications Center

IT Portfolio Services

Sherri Drisdelle, IT Portfolio Services Director
Location: Feldberg Communications Center
Mailstop: 017
Phone: 781-736-4763
Fax: 781-736-4577

Name Phone MS Office
Bergeron, Richard C.781-736-4570045Farber Library 2
Drisdelle, Sherri781-736-4763017Feldberg Communications Center 102
Gatton, Tom781-736-4559017Feldberg Communications Center 106
Hung, Louis781-736-4699017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Saylor, John781-736-4519017Feldberg Communications Center 106

Media Technology Services

Timothy P. O'Neil, Director for Media Technology Services
Location: Goldfarb Library
Mailstop: 045
Phone: 781-736-4429

Name Phone MS Office
Anderson, Christopher781-736-4662045Goldfarb Library 016
Burton, Matthew Stewart781-736-4635045Goldfarb Library 016
Gonzalez, Edwin ManuelGoldfarb Library
Jacobson, Elias781-736-4614045Goldfarb Library 016
Jennings, Daniel781-736-4637045Goldfarb Library 016
O'Neil, Timothy P.781-736-4429045Goldfarb Library 016
Pizzi, John Brandon781-736-4450045Goldfarb Library 016

Networks & Systems

David M Albrecht, Director for Networks, Systems & Security
Location: Feldberg Communications Center
Mailstop: 017
Phone: 781-736-4567
Fax: 781-736-4577

Name Phone MS Office
Albrecht, David M781-736-4567017Feldberg Communications Center 5A
Bartes, James L781-736-4604017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Bartes, Jennifer R.781-736-2058045Goldfarb Library
Baumert, Matthew781-736-8095017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Blumenthal, Charlie Parker781-736-2057017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Burnham, Jason781-736-4551017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Chen, Jay L.781-736-6285045Goldfarb Library
Cohen, Andrew S.781-736-4517017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Fitzgerald, Michael A781-736-4571017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Flock, Christopher781-736-4612017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Godfrey, John781-736-4597017Feldberg Communications Center 103
Holden, Steven E781-736-4634045Goldfarb Library
Jules, Joseph781-736-4601017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Lowre, Christopher781-736-2059017Feldberg Communications Center 22
Merrill, Todd C781-736-4629017Feldberg Communications Center
Miller, John781-736-4619017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Stinehart, Kurt781-736-4602017Feldberg Communications Center 5
Yang, Chi-Jan781-736-4596017Feldberg Communications Center 16
Yingst, Chris781-736-4610017Feldberg Communications Center 5

Professional Services

Peter Nash, Associate VP for Information Technology Services
Location: Feldberg Communications Center
Mailstop: 017
Fax: 64577

Name Phone MS Office
Ben-Gai, Ofer781-736-4536017Feldberg Communications Center 126
Benzan-Daniel, Olivia781-736-7278045Goldfarb Library
Brooks, Patrick781-736-4623045Goldfarb Library
Cadden, Carroll781-736-4809045Goldfarb Library
Colantonio, Keith781-736-7277045Goldfarb Library
DePaola, Kathryn Lee781-736-2257017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Desai, Bhavikkumar781-736-2558017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Doniger, Lauri781-736-2698017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Grasmere, Louise781-736-4487017Feldberg Communications Center
Harris, Shohreh781-736-4427017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Iyer, Venugopal
Jameson, Cathy781-736-4557017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Kotecha, Ravi M.781-736-7284045Goldfarb Library 118
Ma, Pei781-736-3804017Feldberg Communications Center 123
Ma, Xiaofeng781-736-4564017Feldberg Communications Center 126
McFarlin, Todd Jewell781-736-7276045Goldfarb Library
McKenzie, Andy781-736-3076045Goldfarb Library
Nash, Peter781-736-4561017Feldberg Communications Center 102A
Poloju, Sandeep
Post-Quinn, Alasdair C.781-736-4801045Goldfarb Library 115A
Stein, Jeffrey781-736-4579017Feldberg Communications Center 102
Wong-Chan, So Wai781-736-4594017Feldberg Communications Center 114
Zawatski, Kristin M781-736-4572017Feldberg Communications Center 102

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