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Academic Technology

Location: Farber Library
Mailstop: 045

Name Phone MS Office
Anderson, Christopher781-736-4662045Goldfarb Library 016
Ashland, Matthew781-736-4609045Goldfarb Library 016
Bartes, Jennifer R.781-736-2058045Goldfarb Library
Bergeron, Richard C.781-736-4570045Farber Library 2
Brandon, Esther Ruth781-736-4796045Farber Library
Brooks, Patrick781-736-4623045Goldfarb Library
Burton, Matthew Stewart781-736-4635045Goldfarb Library 016
Cadden, Carroll781-736-4809045Goldfarb Library
Chen, Jay L.781-736-6285045Goldfarb Library
Holden, Steven E781-736-4634045Goldfarb Library
Jacobson, Elias781-736-4614045Goldfarb Library 016
Jennings, Daniel781-736-4637045Goldfarb Library 016
Kotecha, Ravi M.781-736-7284045Goldfarb Library 118
Lipkin, Adam781-736-4795045Farber Library 2
Lowre, Christopher781-736-2059017Feldberg Communications Center 22
McKenzie, Andy781-736-3076045Goldfarb Library
O'Neil, Timothy P.781-736-4429045Goldfarb Library 016
Pizzi, John Brandon781-736-4450045Goldfarb Library 016
Post-Quinn, Alasdair C.781-736-4801045Goldfarb Library 115A
Roy, Ian Matthew781-736-4608045Goldfarb Library
Uzunkaya, Hazal781-736-4758045Goldfarb Library

Academic Technology is a subdepartment of Information Technology Services

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