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Yu-Hui Chang, Department Chair
Location: Slosberg Music Center
Mailstop: 051
Phone: 63310
Fax: 63320

Kagan, Mark: Sr. Academic Admin - 63311
Nalbach, Cheryl: Program Admin - 63310
Rosenstein, Deborah: Concert Office - 64867
Ticket Office - 63400

Name Phone MS Office
Berger, Mark J781-736-3211051Slosberg Music Center 216
Boykan, Martin051Slosberg Music Center
Chafe, Eric Thomas781-736-3334051Slosberg Music Center 218
Chang, Yu-Hui781-736-3317051Slosberg Music Center 225
Chasalow, Eric781-736-3312031Slosberg Music Center Kutz 219
Coluzzi, Seth J.781-736-3329051Slosberg Music Center 222
Cyr, Debra781-736-3310051Slosberg Music Center
Dellal, Pamela051Slosberg Music Center
Desmond, Karen051
Duff, Robert781-736-3324051Slosberg Music Center 210
Eissenberg, Judith Claire781-736-3315051Slosberg Music Center 125
Gee, Erin781-736-3335051Slosberg Music Center 220
Gordon, Joshua781-736-3338051Slosberg Music Center 126B
Hall, Thomas051
Hampton, Neal Louis781-736-3328051Slosberg Music Center 235
Ianni, Davide051
Kagan, Mark781-736-3311051Slosberg Music Center 238
Keiler, Allan R781-736-3335051Slosberg Music Center 220
Marshall, Robert L051
McAneny, Marc051Slosberg Music Center 224
McStoots, Jason S.051Slosberg Music Center
Mead, Sarah781-736-2935051Slosberg Music Center 229
Nalbach, Cheryl781-736-3326051Slosberg Music Center 208
Nieske, Robert781-736-3325051Slosberg Music Center 235
Olesen, James D051Slosberg Music Center
Paulding, Benjamin051
Praznik, James John
Rakowski, David781-736-3339051Slosberg Music Center 217
Rosenstein, Deborah Ilana781-736-4867051Slosberg Music Center 219
Segar, Andrea B.051
Souza, Thomas A.781-736-3310051Slosberg Music Center 110
Stepner, Daniel781-736-3313051Slosberg Music Center 126A
Telesco, Paula
Watson, Kristen
Woodward, Beverly781-736-3067071
Wyner, Yehudi051

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