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Rabb School

Karen Muncaster, Vice President
Location: Rabb School
Mailstop: 084
Phone: 781-736-8787

Name Phone MS Office
El-Sherif, Ken
Estrada, Karol
Hathaway, Ryan
Hicks, Alina M
Hilley, Jan
Hojnacki, Jennifer
Hristov, Ruslan
Jafri, Hassan M.
Jones, Angel J.
McGinn, Jen
Muncaster, Karen781-736-8732084Rabb School Rabb School, Old South Street
Roleke, Suzie
Tomlinson, David


Avi Bernstein-Nahar
Mailstop: 085
Phone: 781-736-2992

Name Phone MS Office
Bernstein-Nahar, Avi781-736-2171085Rabb School 218
Curtis, Megan781-736-217508560 Turner Street Basement
Gardner, Lily Marguerite781-736-299208560 Turner Street

Graduate Professional Studies

Anne Marando, Associate Vice President, Rabb School
Location: Rabb School
Mailstop: 084
Phone: 781-736-8787
Fax: 781-736-3420

Name Phone MS Office
Barone, Christie M781-736-8784084Rabb School 2nd Floor
Chatellier, Cara781-736-8725084Rabb School Temporary
Damm, Carol781-736-878011060 Turner Street 2nd Floor
DeAngelis, Nancy781-736-878311060 Turner Street 2nd Floor
Eaton, Lance V781-736-873611060 Turner Street 2nd Floor
Harris, Jessie781-736-8725084Rabb School 1st Floor
Marando, Anne781-736-8782084Rabb School 2nd Floor
Miller, Michal Elana781-736-2174084Rabb School 2nd Floor
Mongeon, Daniel781-736-8733084Rabb School 2nd Floor
Pelberg-Schariter, Elizabeth781-736-873711060 Turner Street 2nd Floor
Rowell, Ruth781-736-8786084Rabb School 2nd Floor
Russo, Nicole781-736-8727084Rabb School 2nd Floor
Salerno, Brian781-736-344311060 Turner Street 2nd Floor
Smedile Rifkin, Valerie B781-736-875011060 Turner Street 2nd Floor
Stearns, Frances B.781-736-8785084Rabb School 1st Floor
Weiss, Rebecca Gela781-736-3447084Rabb School 2nd Floor

Pre-College Programs

Marci Borenstein, Director
Location: Carl and Ruth Shapiro Admissions Center
Mailstop: 065
Phone: 781-736-8416
Fax: 815-301-2874

Name Phone MS Office
Bellows, Laura
Borenstein, Marci781-736-8418065Carl and Ruth Shapiro Admissions Center
Casmier, Lydia Marie781-736-2026065Carl and Ruth Shapiro Admissions Center
Goldberg, Jessica
Golitsyn, Michael781-736-2701013Volen National Center for Complex Systems 262
Johnson, Kenyora781-736-8412065Carl and Ruth Shapiro Admissions Center
Schwartz, Charlie781-736-8419065Carl J. Shapiro Science Center
Veach, Katherine Jean

Summer School

Gwenn L Smaxwill
Location: Rabb School
Mailstop: 085
Phone: 781-736-3424
Fax: 781-736-8124

Name Phone MS Office
Dolan, Philip J781-736-3422084Rabb School
Murphy, Nicole781-736-3425084
Smaxwill, Gwenn L781-736-3424084Rabb School 216

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