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Scholars Program

Location: Epstein Building
Mailstop: 079
Phone: 62126
Fax: 68117

Name Phone MS Office
Adelman, Penina781-736-8100079Epstein Building ------
Ahmed, Fauzia E.781-736-8100079
Ballard, Nancer781-736-8100079
Berg, Mary781-736-8100079
Bouvard, Marguerite781-736-8100079Epstein Building
Caldwell, Ann
Carter, Maria079
Cooper, Christine079
Corbato, Emily
Danforth, Nicholas781-736-8100079Epstein Building
Eisenberg, Susan
Ellerman, Mei-Mei781-736-8100079Epstein Building
Fremont, Helen
Ghosh, Rajashree079
Goldstein, Nance781-736-8100079Epstein Building
Graves, Florence781-736-4249043Goldfarb Library 69-19
Gullette, Margaret781-736-8100079
Gura, Trisha079
Hamill, Mary
Isenman, Lois781-736-8100079
Joffe, Lisa781-736-3116079Epstein Building 133
Lopez, Maria781-736-8100079
Maher, Frances
Myrvaagnes, Naomi781-736-8100079Epstein Building WSRC
Porter, Susan781-736-8100079
Ring Frank, Jane781-736-8100079
Rosenzweig, Rosie781-736-8100079Epstein Building
Smith, Ethel
Stevens, Claudia
Waters, Kristin

Scholars Program is a subdepartment of Women's Studies Research Ctr

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