Contact Information

For more information regarding campus planning, the planning phase of capital projects, the annual space survey, or the space management and planning system implementation project, please contact Dan Feldman, VP for Planning and Institutional Research, at or 781-736-8405.

Space Planning

Campus Planning and Major Capital Projects Planning

The Office of Planning and Institutional Research manages and coordinates campus planning as well as the planning and schematic design phases of major construction and renovations at the University.  Planning work is carried out in close cooperation with the Department of Facilities to ensure a seamless transition to completion of design and construction, which is managed by that department. 

Space Planning / Annual Space Survey

In fall 2012, at Provost Steve Goldstein's request, the Office of Planning and Institutional Research (OPIR), in partnership with the Provost’s office, conducted the first annual campus-wide space survey.  The primary goal of this ongoing survey process is to help the Provost's office understand and plan for meeting the needs of departments and administrative units.  It is essential that we have a clear picture of how we currently use the 2.76 million square feet on our campus.  The 2013 space survey was launched in mid-October.  Space administrators across the University were asked to review the previous year's information about space use and occupancy and to update any information that was no longer accurate.

Space Management and Planning System

Brandeis University has selected FM:Systems to provide its space management and planning system.  In July 2013, FM:Systems conducted a needs analysis in preparation for implementation beginning this fall.  The initial implementation is projected to be complete before the start of the spring 2014 semester.  For further information, please contact OPIR, at x6-8405.