Brandeis University is committed to overseeing the conduct of research in a manner that ensures the integrity of the research process and maintains the public trust and that of sponsors in the integrity and credibility of its faculty, its staff and its research programs.

In accordance with the Brandeis University Financial Conflicts of Interest Policy (FCOI), university research personnel will report their external commitments and financial interests in a timely manner and real and apparent financial conflicts of interest of research personnel will be identified and responsibly managed.

The Public Health Service (PHS) has regulations governing the disclosure and administration of financial conflicts of interest related to PHS-funded research.

The links at the right explain how Brandeis University follows these regulations, which applies to all investigators of the institution.

Violation of any part of these policies may also constitute cause for disciplinary or other administrative action. The University's existing Conflict of Interest Policy remains in effect, and applies to all situations involving the disclosure and resolution of conflicts that are not explicitly covered by this policy.

Every researcher has an obligation to become familiar with, and abide by, the provisions of this policy.