Pro Tip #1 (Meet the Team)

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[Gianna Petrillo standing outside on Brandeis campus.]

Gianna Petrillo: Hello, all new students! Welcome to Brandeis University. My name is Gianna Petrillo and I am a member of the 2017 Orientation core committee. This is the first of several pro-tip videos you’ll be receiving prior to your arrival here in August. Today we're going to be meeting some of our fantastic team that has been working so hard since October to plan a great Orientation for you all. So once again I'm Gianna Petrillo a rising junior here at Brandeis and I'm majoring in anthropology and minoring in Hispanic studies and I'm so thrilled for you to meet the rest of the team, let’s go meet them!

[Kaylee Wallace standing outside on Brandeis campus.]

Kaylee Wallace: Hi, my name is Kaylee Wallace and I'm a member of this year's Orientation core committee. I'm from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and here at Brandeis I'm a rising junior double majoring in music and economics. I'm so excited to meet you all in August.

[Zach Cihlar standing outside on Brandeis campus.]

Zach Cihlar: Hello everyone I'm Zach Cihlar, another one of the Orientation core committee members. I am a rising junior majoring in economics and minoring in legal studies. I'm really excited to crush it on the dance floor with you guys at our awesome social programs.

[Zach does a few dance moves.]

[Jenny Abdou and Scott Berozi sitting together in an office.]

Jenny Abdou and Scott Berozi: Hi we're the Department of Orientation.

Jenny: My name is Jenny Abdou and I'm the Director of New Student Orientation.

Scott: I'm Scott Berozi and I'm the Assistant Director of First-Year Programs and Orientation. We can't wait for your arrival in August.

Jenny: I'm also excited for you to meet our amazing staff members they're a great resource for you while you're here Brandeis...

Scott: and I can't wait for you to meet our amazing orientation leaders they can't wait to meet y ou and I know that you can't wait to meet them.

Jenny: If you have any questions prior to your arrival please feel free to reach out to Scott, myself, or any of the orientation core committee members.

Scott: See you in August! [Scott waves goodbye.]

Jenny: Bye! [Jenny waves goodbye.]

[Peter Budmen, Lusi Wang and Melissa Sheil sitting together in an office.]

Peter Budmen: Hi, I'm Peter Budmen.

Melissa Sheil: My name is Melissa Sheil.

Lusi Wang: And I'm Lusi Wang

Peter, Lusi and Melissa: and we're your First-Year Area Coordinators.

Peter: We are the live-in professional staff members that go ahead and work with your community advisors who will build a sense of community among your floors, welcome you to campus, and be that kind of source of support throughout the academic year.

Lusi: If you ever have any questions I just want to stop and say hi, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Melissa: We are so excited to welcome you to the Brandeis family and welcome you to your new homes.

Peter: Welcome to campus!

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