Pro Tip #4 (Academic Spaces)

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[Kaylee Wallace is standing outside of the library motioning for the camera to join her inside.]

The Library has a ton of great study spaces and academic resources!

[Kaylee walks into the front entrance of the Library.]

Even a Starbucks coffee shop.

[Footage of starbucks is shown.]

[Kaylee heads up a staircase.]

On the Farber Mezzanine, there’s a group study area.

[Footage of the Farber Mezzanine is shown where students are studying in groups.]

[Kaylee heads back down the stairs.]

[More images of students are shown studying.]

The lower floors are for quieter studying spaces.

[Kaylee walks down a hallway into another part of the library where a circulation desk can be seen.]

In Goldfarb, there are computers library technology services, the writing center, the research help desk and more!

[Kaylee walks up to a computer and sits down.]

[Images flash to the Shapiro Campus Center.]

The Shapiro Campus Center (SCC) features many favorite study spots.

[Kaylee and Gianna Petrillo are seen sitting together at a desk studying.]

including... group study!

[Kaylee and Gianna are seen working individually at a desk in a room full of chairs and tables.]

Quiet study!

[Kaylee and Gianna are seen working at computers in a computer room.]

And a computer room!

[Four adults are sitting inside an office smiling.]

And for any of your academic-related questions!

The office of Academic Services is on second floor of Usdan Student Center.

[Images of the main entrance and first floor of Usdan Student Center are shown.]

[The camera walks up the stairs to the second floor.]

[A panorama of the office of Financial services and Academic Services is shown.]

[Four adults are sitting inside an office smiling.]

ulia Mani: Welcome to Academic Services my name is Julia Mani!

Erin Flood: I'm Erin Flood.

Brian Koslowski: Hi I'm Brian Koslowski.

Katie Dunn: I'm Katie Dunn and we're academic advisors here at Brandeis.

Brian: We're located on the second floor of Usdan Student Center, so downstairs is Department of Community Living and Hiatt, come on upstairs and we share an office with Student Financial Services. You can make an appointment with us online, you can also come to our front desk and schedule an appointment or give us a call. We have drop in appointments during the school year in the afternoons between 1:00 and 5:00 just stop by our office and we'll be able to meet with you that day.

Erin: There are a lot of things you can talk to your academic advisor about beyond just course registration, if you're trying to decide on a major or thinking about how to plan out your major if you want to talk about your goals and academic plans or how to make the most out of your Brandeis experience one of the important things is really connecting with faculty and we can kind of talk through ways to do that. We can help you pick a major we can help you identify your skills and interests and how to match those to course work and work outside of school that's really meaningful and exciting for you. We can help you reach out to other support services at Brandeis too, and help you make the most of your career here to make sure you're accessing all of the services that are here to support you.

Katie: We're actually part of a broader network of academic services units and programs. We have some wonderful colleagues that we share a suite with and in accessibility services, academics fellowships, Student Support Services program, Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program and the pre-health advising office. In addition we also in our team oversee a couple of other programs, one of them is the Roosevelt Fellows Program - a team of fifteen peer academic mentors who are upper-class students who know what it's like to be a student here at Brandeis and can provide guidance and support around academics and the college transition.

Julia: We also have something called BUGS, which stands for Brandeis Undergraduate Group Study which is a group of peer tutors and they represent over fifty classes so these are a lot of classes that that many of you might be taking in your first semester, so you can come into academic services for free tutoring for your classes.

Brian: We also oversee the IIM program independent interdisciplinary major. Brandeis offers a number of majors and minors on campus but if you have something in mind that you'd like to create which is a nice fusion of a couple of different fields come and talk with us and you might be able to create your own major here at Brandeis.

Julia: We look forward to getting to know all of you in the coming year and have a wonderful summer!

Brian: Cool Welcome to Brandeis!

Katie: Congratulations!

[All four adults wave and smile goodbye.]


Academic Services:
Phone: (781) 736-3470

Department of Orientation:
Phone: (781) 736-5074