Pro Tip #5 (Arts and Culture)

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Arts and Culture: At Brandeis You Can…

[Pictured is the Rose Art Museum that sits on campus]

Get artsy!

[An art studio with students painting on easels is depicted, the camera then pans to different art projects displayed along a wall]

Sing out!

[A formal choral performance flashes across the screen with singers in formal performance wear]

Act it out!

[Five students dressed in traditional shakespearian wear are putting on a scene]


[A dance group of five students are performing a synchronized dance]

[The outside of the Intercultural Center, located in East quad is pictured]

Embrace Diversity: Intercultural Center

[Director of the Intercultural Center, Madeleine Lopez is standing against a brick wall with photos of activities hanging behind her]

Madeleine Lopez, Intercultural Center Director


Madeleine Lopez: Hello, I'm Madeleine Lopez I'm director of the Intercultural Center here at Brandeis University we are a home for mutual understanding and our goal is to support students from different cultural backgrounds, racial and ethnic experiences here at Brandeis.

[Madeleine is now standing in front of a bulletin board that advertises the various clubs and organizations that the ICC is home to]

Madeleine: We have 17 different clubs that support our mission and you are welcome to join any of them or all of them; among them are Bi-student organization, our Taiwanese student association, our Women of Color alliance and our Asian American Student Alliance.

[Madeleine stands in front of the ICCs banner that displays its mission which reads: “The Brandeis Intercultural Center is dedicated to creating a haven of respect, education and celebration that aims to foster a growth and awareness of the myriad cultures of Brandeis University. The Center fosters a welcoming community, where diverse experiences and perspectives are valued and dedication to the understanding of cultures and ethnicities is essential.”]

Madeleine: I want to welcome you to our myriad number of events that we hold from the beginning with the kickoff barbecues sponsored by the Brandeis Black Student Organization and LatinX Student Organization, as well as different events that take place in the Fall... Significant are our Market Night which is hosted by our Taiwanese Student Association, we have Mela in November that's sponsored by South Asian Student Association as well as Culture X which is our grand event that closes off the year and it draws in the different cultures races and ethnicities represented here at Brandeis University.

Arts and Culture

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