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Today we have an introduction to Brandeis Health Services. Administrative Director, Diana Denning gave us a tour of the health center!

[A woman, standing outside of a brick building, is facing the camera motioning for the camera to follow her into the health center.]

Diana Denning: Okay so here we are, we're coming to the Health Center. Welcome! Come on in. In the health center you might come here and wait in line and then speak with one of our friendly reception staff.

[The camera follows the woman into the health center's front doors where the registration desk is seen. Two women behind the desk smile and wave at the camera.]

Diana: Once they get you an appointment, you're going to check in at our patient self check-in area and then you'll get called back by your provider.

[The camera pans to a separate room where two computers are set up. The original woman again invites the camera to follow her back down the hallway of the health center.]

Diana: They'll bring you back to the health's one of our providers now!

[A health care provider looks enthusiastically at the camera and waves.]

Diana: There's Carol, one of the Nurse Practitioners

Carol: "Hi everybody."

Diana: She's here in an exam room and they all look pretty much the same.

[The camera pans through the exam room, showcasing the exam chair and other medical equipment.]

Now more from Diana Denning and Dr. Poaster

[Two women are seen standing in an exam room.]

Doctor Poaster: Hello I'm Dr. Poaster from the Brandeis Health Center. We welcome the class of 2021 to Orientation and a brand new year, welcome to campus.

Diana: Hi I'm Diana Denning, I'm the Administrative Director at the Health Center, we look forward to helping you stay healthy while you're here.

[Both women wave and smile at the camera.]

The Health Center is a great resource and can be your doctor's office away from home.

And now we're off to the Brandeis Counseling Center! Follow me!

[The camera follows Gianna Petrillo, Orientation Core member, down steps to a brick building, the Brandeis Counseling Center.]

The space is complete with a zen garden, massage chairs... and create your own art.

[The Brandeis Counseling Center has comfortable seating and things to do while you wait, these amenities are showcased to music.]

And now a word from Joy Von Steiger... The Director of the Counseling Center.

[A woman is sitting on a sofa with soft lighting facing the camera.]

Joy Von Steiger:
Hi I'm Joy Von Steiger. I'm the Director of the Counseling Center here at Brandeis. We have psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed mental health counselors all here to be of service to the students (both undergraduate and graduate students) here at Brandeis. We offer individual therapy, we offer group therapy, we do workshops around campus, we do trainings and screenings around campus. We have a pretty big array of groups that we offer students - from groups about meditation to groups where people can talk about their relationships to substances and alcohol, to groups where people can talk about their relationship to their body. People can come here and speak with Louis downstairs to make their initial appointment for what's called a brief assessment (and you can schedule over the phone or in person!) and the counselor will meet with you and talk to you about what's going on and what you're looking for help with and then you and the counselor will come up with a treatment plan.

The counseling center offers individual and group therapy. A number of visits are offered free of charge. For more information about the Health Center and Counseling Center...

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