Pro Tip #7 (Fitness and Athletics)

Brandeis University

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[Brandeis Judges logo.]

[Upbeat guitar music is played over images of the Brandeis University Gosman Athletic Center.]

Brandeis University Fitness & Athletics

[Athletic flags blow in the wind outside of Gosman Athletic Center on campus.]

Welcome to Gosman Sports & Convocation Center

[A panorama of the main gym floor — home to basketball, volleyball and tennis courts with a track around them all is shown.]

The main gym has tennis courts, a basketball court and an indoor track.

[Cheering can be heard for a Brandeis Men's & Women's basketball game.]

Follow Zach to see what else is here...

[Zach walks down the hallway of the gym as the camera follows.]

Weight room

[A typical weight room with different workout stations.]

Dance studio

[The gym dance studio is painted blue with ballet bars and a wooden floor.]

Squash courts

[Zach waves at the camera from within the squash courts.]

Cardio room

[Ellipticals, treadmills and bikes are all lined up in an organized fashion in the cardio room.]

and next door: go for a swim at Linsey pool.

[A swim meet takes place as swimmers dive from the starting blocks into the water.]

There are 19 varsity sports and over 20 different club sports on campus.

[The outdoor tennis courts are plenty and numerous. Soccer is a popular sport Brandeis students like to play, a player shoots and scores from halfway down the field.]

And don't forget! Intramurals Sports: from soccer to battleship to badminton.

[A group of students stand on the sideline as two students run at one another from within a bubble in which they bounce off of when they hit. Two groups of students, each in a kayak are throwing water at one another in a battle-like scenario.]

Brandeis Athletics

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