Meet the Midyear Coordinators

Jason Dick '14,
Midyear Coordinator
 Jason Dick

My name is Jason Dick and I'm a senior at Brandeis. I am a double major in Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Theater Arts. I am from a small city in Westchester, New York. I have a long relationship with Orientation at Brandeis and I'm excited to be back one final time to plan your 2014 Mid-Year Orientation! When I'm not planning 2014 Mid-Year Orientation, I can be found working in the Office of Student Financial and Academic Services, volunteering at an on-campus Blood Drive, co-hosting STEAKSAUCE 2.0 (a fast-talking, jubilant radio show co-hosted with the one and only Samantha Rae Gordon), or rigorously planning my spring senior project. I look forward to planning an Orientation that you will be excited to be a part of and will look back on with many, many fond memories! Get ready for an amazing journey at Brandeis University and make sure to let your curiosity take hold!

Samantha Gordon

Samantha Gordon '14,
Midyear Coordinator

My name is Samantha Gordon and I am a senior at Brandeis. I am a double major in Theater and Sociology.I was born and raised inLos Angeles, CA. When I am not planning your orientation, I am working in Admissions as a Senior Interviewer, on facebook as the Public Relations director of Student Events, representing the undergraduate sociology majors as the Undergraduate Department Representative of Sociologyy, or performing with Crowd Control improv troupe. I also co-host a radio show with my co-coordinator, Sir Jason Dick. I look forward to meeting you all this coming January, and feel free to contact me with any questions.