Sohaima Khilji '20

Photo of Sohaima Khilji

Orientation CORE Committee


Hello! My name is Sohaima Khilji and I am a sophomore at Brandeis. I am majoring in International and Global Studies and History with a minor in Afro-African American studies. I am originally from Mission Viejo, California. 

My interests include reading, watching too many TV shows, and drinking 6 cups of coffee a day. I have an 9 a.m. coffee, an 11 a.m. coffee, a 1 p.m. coffee, a 5 p.m. coffee, a 7 p.m. coffee, and I finish off the day with a 9 p.m. latte. Anytime I run into anyone on campus; I am most definitely over-caffeinated. My favorite place to get coffee on campus is the Starbucks inside the library. They have a wide variety of coffee options, so that you never get tired of having the same kind of coffee. From lattes to caramel macchiatos, Starbucks does not disappoint.