Service Corps

Description: Brandeis University - named the #1 school in the country for student community service engagement - has been a center for service and social justice education for decades. At the Brandeis Service Corps, you’ll have the opportunity to combine your love of service with hands-on volunteer projects and deep intellectual exploration into the issues facing communities in the Greater Boston area and throughout the country.



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Text on screen: High School Programs Brandeis University

Text on screen: Jordan P. Tallahasee, FL

JORDAN: I think service is the act of helping someone because sometimes there are people out there in fact can't help themselves.

Video on screen: Jordan dancing with young students in a classroom

JORDAN: When we have programs like this it's important to do what we can to make this world a better place.

Video on screen: Jordan playing basketball

Video on screen: Group of students in a classroom

Video on screen: Students digging in a garden

Text on screen: Leigh P. Belmont, MA

LEIGH: Service is doing something good for people who need it

Video on screen: Student volunteering at a nursing home

LEIGH: and that can be anything from playing kids camp to helping

Video on screen: Students playing "Connect Four"

Video on screen: Students swinging on a swing set

Video on screen: Students giving piggy back rides down a hill

LEIGH: helping lost puppies to giving hugs to the sick.

Text on screen: Ridha H. Bay Area, CA

RIDHA: beforehand I thought service meant putting others before yourself,

Video on screen: Ridha sitting with a young student at a table giving high fives

RIDHA: and after coming here I realized you have to understand yourself first so then you're able to put that foot forward in the best way and to really make an impact on them.

Video on screen: Group of students sitting at a picnic table with balloons

Video on screen: Students playing softball

Video on screen: Group of students sitting on mats

RIDHA: Here you really get to change a person's life and want to continue to do so.

Video on screen: Student writing on paper

Video on screen: Paper on a bulletin board words "the best summer by Kathleen"

Video on screen: Student painting a girls hand with pink paint

ADAM: I think service in its truest form is when you give your time to people

Video on screen: Painted wall with orange paint and pink hand prints

ADAM: and you really listen to their needs and their experiences.

Video on screen: Students playing basketball

ADAM: That kind of service really helps you realize that

Text on screen: Adam Karp Service Corps Staff

ADAM: a lot of groups that need service are often stigmatized

Video on screen: Paper with words I had the best summer ever at Prospect Hill Summer Camp

ADAM: and when you get to know them that's been real change happens.

Video on screen: Service Corps volunteer smiling in a classroom

Text on screen: High School Programs Brandeis University Service Corps

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