Brandeis University and Beyond

A glimpse at campus life at Brandeis

As a participant in a Brandeis High School Program, you’ll get a glimpse of the student experience at the university. The tradition of social justice, academic and artistic achievement at Brandeis resonates through everything we do.

A Glimpse of College Life

  • Enjoy "dorm living" with other participants in an undergraduate college residence hall.  Rooms offer a typical college-style setup, with two to three roommates living in a room on a hall with a shared bathroom.
  • Join new friends for meals in the Brandeis cafeteria. Sherman Dining Hall offers kosher and non-kosher cafeteria-style food options at all meals.
  • Take advantage of full access to the university’s athletic facilities,  library, student center, and beautiful 235-acre campus.

Interested in Brandeis for college?

If you are interested in pursuing studies at Brandeis University after you graduate, the Brandeis University admissions office will offer a special college informational session for High School Program participants. Admissions officers will also reserve a block of time during the summer for participants entering 12th grade to schedule college interviews.

Beyond Brandeis

  • Explore Greater Boston arts and recreation offerings on field trips to museums, cultural performances, and films.
  • Venture on day trips to Cambridge, downtown Boston, or other fun destinations in the area.