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Informal Jewish education

The Future of Jewish Camping in North America - This is a write up of a talk that Joseph Reimer gave at the Mandel Center for Jewish Education at Brandeis University in March 2008.

Implementing a Planning Process for Change: The Case of BIMA Moving to Brandeis - This case study was written by Joseph Reimer for the Foundation for Jewish Camp's Executive Leadership Institute for Camp Directors, November 2007

Five Lenses for Jewish Learning - These lenses are offered to help Jewish experiential educators become more aware of what makes a given educational activity "Jewish".

"What is Informal Jewish Education?" (PDF) - This article provides a number of critical success factors and considers the main challenges facing the field.

"Getting from Good to Excellent in Informal Jewish Education" (PDF) - This article discusses principles of excellence in informal Jewish education and how to get there.

"Snapshot of the Field" (PDF) - In 2001, the IJE issued an RFP for grants to develop innovative informal Jewish education programs for youth. This analysis of the 86 proposals provides an overview of the informal education opportunities offered to Jewish youth and of the needs of the field.

Researching the Field

Community Hebrew High Schools

In 2005, the Institute for Informal Jewish Education (IJE) worked with the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies to survey Community Hebrew High Schools across North America.

Jewish Teens in North America

In 2000, the IJE sponsored, in partnership with the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandeis, the most extensive and in-depth empirical study of Jewish teens in North America to date. This study reveals a far more accurate picture than we have had of how Jewish teens view themselves, their world and their Jewish interests.

For ease of downloading, the Jewish Adolescent Study has been broken into three parts. You will need all three for the complete report. You may also download just the executive summary.