Daily Life

Get a taste of college living

  • Live in the undergraduate college dormitory.  Rooms are typical college-style, with 2-3 roommates living in a room on a hall with a shared bathroom.
  • Eat in the Brandeis cafeteria.  Sherman Dining Hall has kosher and non-kosher cafeteria-style food available at all meals.
  • Have full access to the university’s athletic facilities, the library, the student center, and beautiful 235-acre campus.


Daily and Weekly Activities

  • Participate and organize fun activities for the community, such as ultimate Frisbee, theater improv, card games, and more.
  • Begin your day with activities such as going to the gym, yoga or meditation, prayer options, and more.
  • Bake challah on Fridays for the whole community.
  • Teach a group of your peers how to crochet, organize a soccer game, or go for a walk around campus.