Pop/Rock Music

Students participate in a rock band

This ensemble focuses on versatility in the pop/rock band. The musicians are challenged as instrumentalists, vocalists (only by choice) and arrangers. The ensemble works on tackling challenging instrumental pieces, improvisation and singing background and lead vocals while playing. Instrument function is discussed and the ensemble works together to come up with arrangements and often writes original music. Interpretation, performance techniques and being comfortable in multiple musical styles are addressed. Past ensemble repertoire includes Muse, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, Santana, jazz/blues standards and originals.

Participants in the Rock/Pop Ensemble engage in focused group listening, study, and performance in a wide range of classic and contemporary rock and pop music from both the Anglophone world and Israel. After thoroughly learning songs from sheet music and/or by ear, students delve deeper into the expressive elements of the works such as dynamics, improvisation, articulation, instrumental interplay, sound, and feeling. Many of our intrepid and hard-working students in this ensemble elect to perform at least one number on a secondary or tertiary instrument.

Applicants should have a working knowledge of chord chart and notation reading, major, minor and pentatonic scales and some improvisation experience. Singing experience/interest is preferred but not required.

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