• a group of students bowing on stage after a performance

    Video: About the BIMA Theater Program

  • BIMA offers promising young actors an experience above and beyond traditional theatre programs. As they refine technique and develop creative skills, the BIMA theatre participants work closely with a talented faculty and guest artists to form an ensemble that creates original, collaborative, theatrical works.

    The theatre major includes three main elements:

    Technique classes include an exploration of various schools of actor training to learn a range of approaches to acting. BIMA actors applied those skills in their devising process towards the collaborative creation of an original play. They start by exploring a text, question or theme through collaborative composition and together devise a performance based on their interpretations, interests, and discoveries. During summer 2017, the play was inspired by the story of Ya'akov and Esav's birthright examined through the lens of family dynamics, empathy, and seeing one event from multiple perspectives. It was a powerful performance that reflected the hard work, strong ensemble, and skills developed by the participants. Additionally, BIMA actors saw Shakespeare on the Common's production of Romeo and Juliet, and participated in master classes in movement with Mica Bernas, playwriting with Gia Marotta, and improvisation with MaryBeth DeKara.

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