Power of the Press

The Impact and Ethics of Journalism

In this course, you will go beyond the headlines to explore the challenges of news reporting, and consider the impact of the press on the public. You will also have the chance to try your hand at reporting, interviewing, photojournalism, video and more.

The following topics and activities have been part of this course in past summers. Your experience may include some of these or others like them, depending on the instructor’s plans.

Key Questions

• What constitutes fair and balanced reporting? How can you guarantee that your reporting will be fair?

• What are the moral obligations that journalists have to the readers?

• How does journalism shape democracy and society? How does it influence your worldview?

You Will

• Analyze print, online and televised journalism, and learn how they shape Americans’ world view

• Examine how each medium and each business model impact the way news are delivered

• Debate news coverage of Israel and the Middle East and understand its impact on public opinion

• Consider the challenges of reporting on religious affairs, looking at how personal beliefs play a role

• Meet journalists and learn from their experiences and advice 

• Conduct and film street interviews in downtown Boston

• Create a complete news story in print and/or video form: from choosing story topics and angles, to researching, finding interviewees, writing and editing, selecting photos and producing footage. 

Meet the Instructor

Read about our Journalism course instructor, Ronit Sela