Curricula for Community Hebrew High Schools

The Institute for Informal Jewish Education at Brandeis produced 8 curricula as part of the product of a two-year development process by two groups of IJE’s curriculum development grantees, a project generously supported by the Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd.

The Institute for Informal Jewish Education at Brandeis University worked with Community Hebrew High Schools to develop and make widely available a number of high-quality curricula in several commonly-taught areas in supplemental community Hebrew high schools.

The first round of IJE grantees worked with Sheldon Dorph and the second round worked with Dr. Ofra Backenroth, two  curriculum consultants. The consultants helped the grantees write out their lesson plans and develop teacher’s guides for each session of their courses.  Each course was then piloted by another educator in a different school, and the feedback that educator provided helped the curriculum developer make additions, changes, and clarifications to the written curriculum.

We hope that educators in your schools can make use of these curricula.  We will distribute a complete copy of the curriculum to any school that belongs to NAACHHS (North American Alliance for Community Hebrew High Schools) that is interested free of charge.

Here is what to do:

  • Download a sample of each curriculum from the links to the right (overall course description, syllabus, and one lesson plan).
  • If you are interested in receiving a complete copy of any of the curriculum, fill out a request form. We will send you the curriculum electronically along with a feedback form, to be filled out by the teacher at the midpoint and end of the course. 

Please note: The curricula are available free of charge to any school that is a member of NAACHHS (North American Alliance for Community Hebrew High Schools), and are available for $50 per curriculum for any non-member school.

Any questions about these curricula can be addressed to the staff at Encounters, or 781-736-8416.