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JUNE 25, 2017 - JUNE 30, 2017

Young people who wish to join the discourse about Israel too often find themselves lacking the insight and content knowledge necessary to evaluate information and challenge unsupported assumptions. The Brandeis Young Leaders Seminar on Israel Studies convenes an elite group of high school students for an intensive six-day academic seminar that equips them with a critical knowledge base of history, politics, culture, and Israeli society.  Gaining this fundamental knowledge is critical for student leaders who wish to participate seriously in conversations about the complexity of and challenges faced by Israel.

Student delegates focus on the study of Israeli history, politics, culture, and society; they develop their knowledge and understanding of the modern State of Israel.

Additionally, students gain a unique perspective of the world of Israel Studies through experiential learning, guest lectures, and networking opportunities with the leaders and educators in the Israel Studies community.

The Seminar is held on the Brandeis University campus.

Tuition: $2180

In the Brandeis tradition of offering academic access to all students, the Young Leaders Seminar on Israel Studies seeks each year to provide a limited number of scholarships to outstanding applicants who otherwise might not be able to afford this exceptional opportunity.

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