For Parents


We look forward to hosting your student this summer for the Young Leaders Seminar! Your son or daughter will join student leaders from around the world — their peers — to explore emerging issues and develop their leadership through experiences like no other.

Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn different perspectives from their student peers from across the country.
  • Connect and network with nationally recognized Israel educators and professionals.
  • Experience the excitement of Boston.
  • Draw on these professional and personal resources for future opportunities.
  • Hone their networking and public speaking skills through group reports and speaker introductions.
  • Prepare for college by living and learning in a campus community.

If you have questions or concerns, please email us at or call (781) 736-8416.

Your Child's Safety

The safety, security, and educational outcomes for our students are at the forefront of all Seminar activities. Delegates will be led in small groups. The resident staff to student ratio will be approximately 1:14.

Students will be supervised both on campus and during all excursions and off-site activities. There is limited leisure time, as the Seminar schedule is packed with activities. When not attending an event or site visit, delegates work and study in small groups with the supervision and guidance of adult staff. 

All delegates must reside in Brandeis' secure residence halls that are monitored at all times by adult faculty members. Parents and guardians can reach a member of our team at any time during the Seminar.

Parents can follow Seminar activities through daily slideshows. Each day, photos will be emailed to give parents a chance to see highlights from conference programming.