John Hose, Assoc. VP for University Affairs, to retire

May 13, 2013

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

Please join me in congratulating Dr. John Hose on his upcoming retirement. His last day at Brandeis will be June 30, 2013.

John has had a distinguished career at Brandeis, which he has served for 30 years as a close advisor to four of the University’s eight presidents. He has been instrumental in the operation of the Office of the President, and provided administrative support for the Board of Trustees for a number of years. He has also provided leadership for several of our signature awards and recognition programs, including administering the Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship, the Joseph B. & Toby Gittler Prize, and the Richman Distinguished Fellow in Public Life.

He has ably represented Brandeis as our representative to the Board of Governors of the University Press of New England, a publishing consortium whose members include Brandeis University Press, Dartmouth College Press, University of New Hampshire Press, and Northeastern University Press. He currently serves as chair of this organization’s Board of Governors, a position he also held from 1994 to 1998.

For many years, John has been the “Voice of Brandeis” at Commencement and served as a consultant on issues of academic presentation and protocol. He has served for many years as a general academic advisor for undergraduates, as well as a member of the Rhodes, Marshall and Fulbright Committees.

John generously provided his valuable institutional memory at the beginning of my presidency, ensuring a smooth transition. He has been enormously helpful to me as he was to three of my predecessors.

As we congratulate him on his successful career and wish him a wonderful retirement, I want to express my personal gratitude for his service to Brandeis University. He will always be a cherished member of the Brandeis family.