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The Office of Prevention Services is located in Usdan G-108. Enter Usdan through the doorway that is labeled with both Office of Prevention Services and Gender and Sexuality Center, and take a left. You will see signs pointing you to the hallway in which the Rape Crisis Center and the Office of Prevention Services are located. If you’re having trouble finding the office, call us during business hours at 781-736-3372 or email

We are open Monday through Friday from noon - 5 p.m. during the school year.

Confidential Professional Staff

Carrie Robertson, PhD '16
Interim Supervisor
781-736-3626 Usdan Student Center, Room 106

Interim Program Manager for Sexual Assault and Prevention Services, Carrie Robertson recently earned her PhD in Psychology here at Brandeis University. While a student, Robertson managed Dr. Raymond Knight's Sexual Aggression laboratory and was a principal investigator in Dr. Nicolas Rohleder and Dr. Jutta Wolff's Health Psychology laboratory. Robertson was actively involved in several projects on risk assessment, the etiologies of psychopathy and sexual sadism, their interface with sexually coercive behavior, and their biochemical correlates. Robertson has been working with the Office of Prevention Services since 2016.

Student Staff

Divanna Eckels '18
Coordinator of Education and Training
Usdan Student Center, Room 106

Divanna Eckels '18, is a senior double majoring in African and Afro-American Studies and History with a minor in Sexuality and Queer Studies. In addition to being OPS's new Coordinator of Education and Training, Divanna is a peer advocate for the RCC, a peer counselor for the Queer Resource Center, a member of the Brandeis Pluralism Alliance steering committee, and the Undergraduate Departmental Representative for the Sexuality and Queer Studies program. In their role as the CET, they would like to ensure that all students have equitable access to campus resources and information, as well as counsel suited to their specific needs. They looking forward to working with OPS to make this campus a safer and happier place for marginalized students.

The CET is responsible for developing updated curriculums for the Bystander Training Program at regular intervals, and is also responsible for managing the trainer-facing aspects of the Bystander Training Program, including organizing trainer development meetings the semesterly Train-the-Trainer event. Divanna Eckels can be contacted at

Kavita Sundaram '20
Coordinator of Office Management and Communications (COMC)
Usdan Student Center, Room 106

Kavita Sundaram '20 is a sophomore double majoring in Sociology and Education, and double minoring in Social Justice & Social Policy and African & Afro-American Studies. They have been serving as the COMC since Spring 2017, during this time focused particularly on the accessibility and effectiveness of OPS’s website and social media. Kavita is also involved in other forms of anti-sexual violence and counseling work at Brandeis, and hopes to continue their critical engagement in this campus’ activism. 

The COMC coordinates the logistics for Bystander Trainings on the Brandeis campus, as well as manages the OPS website and social media accounts. Kavita Sundaram can be reached at

Paul Sindberg '18
Coordinator of Community Engagement (CCE)
Usdan Student Center, Room 106

Paul Sindberg '18 is a senior majoring in Politics and double minoring in Legal Studies and Music. Paul began working as a staffer at OPS since Fall 2016. In his role as the CCE, Paul is looking forward to ensuring that sexual violence prevention at Brandeis occurs in commitment to other forms of intersectional anti-oppressive work, and that efforts to strengthen the bystander training program center the need for the program to be trauma-informed. 

The CCE is responsible for coordinating aspects of the Bystander Training Program specific to the requirement that all Brandeis club officers participate in the Bystander Training Program. The CCE is also responsible for building infrastructure towards educational campaigns and community outreach on behalf of the Office of Prevention Services. Paul Sindberg can be contacted at