How to Help a Friend

What You Can Do To Help Your Friend

  1. Believe them. Not being believed can be incredibly damaging.

  2. Give non-judgmental support. You don’t need to investigate the particulars of the incident; instead, be a supportive friend by listening, being present and knowing available campus resources for your friend.

  3. Let your friend make their own decisions. Your friend might be feeling a loss of power or control; as such, it is important to restore decision-making power to them.

  4. Let them decide whom else to tell. Don't tell anyone else without your friend's permission; it is their decision who else knows.

  5. Offer to go with your friend to connect with campus resources. However, do not insist if that is not something they want.

  6. Listen to your friend. Prioritize your friend's thoughts and feelings in conversations with them about what happened.

  7. Take acquaintance assault seriously.

  8. Address your own emotions. Be sure to recognize your own emotional needs and seek help and counseling if you need help.