Biophysical research skills

Elective courses:

  • EL 24b (offered spring 2018--EL 24b provides two-credits and would need to be paired with another two-credit course)**

Molecular Structure

The use of physical techniques, including X-ray diffraction, electron microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance, to elucidate the structure of biomolecules.

Elective courses:

  • BIOL 102b 
  • BCHM 171b (offered fall 2017)** 
  • BIBC 126B (offered spring 2018)**
  • BCHM 104b (required prerequisites for this course are not included in the core curriculum) (offered spring 18)

Single-molecule Biophysics

The study of biological processes on the single molecule scale, such as enzyme function, ion transport through membranes, protein folding and molecular motors.

Elective courses:

  • BCHM 101a (required prerequisites for this course are not included in the core curriculum) (offered fall 2017)**
  • QBIO 120b (offered spring 2018)**

Modeling of Biological Structure and Function

The development and analysis of mathematical models for elucidating biological structure and function.

Elective courses:

  • QBIO 110a 
  • PHYS 105a (offered fall 2017)**
  • BIOL 107a (offered fall 2017)**
  • BIOL 135b
  • NBIO 136b (offered spring 2018)**
  • NPHY 115a (offered fall 2017)**
  • PHYS 104a (offered spring 2018)**

Systems and Networks

The study of topics including bioinformatics, neural networks and networks of genes and proteins.

Elective courses:

  • NBIO 140b (offered fall 2017)**
  • COSI 178a (offered fall 2017)**

**These are tentative course offerings. Always check the registrar's website for final list of offerings when they become available.