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Course Offerings fall 2017

Please see for complete listings of our fall 2017 classes as well as electives that may be used to satisfy COML requirements.

image of poster for COML 123

COML 123A Perfect Love?
(1) M,W 3:30–4:50, Randall
The conflict between "perfect” and carnal love has inspired artistic works from the Middle Ages through the present. This course studies how perfect love runs afoul of more human desires in works by authors, composers, and film makers like Chrétien de Troye, Marguerite de Navarre, Hawthorne, Monteverdi, di Sica, and Wan Kar Wai.

image of poster for COML/ENG 144 fall 2017

COML/ENG 144a Island Fictions
(1) M,W,Th 1:00–1:50, Reed
This course visits an archipelago of texts from drama and travel narrative to poetry and the novel. We will use fictions about islands to explore questions about literature – the enabling constraints of form, literary experimentation, and solitary and social reading.

COML 146B Classical East Asian Poetics
(1) M,W 5:00–6:20, Fraleigh
An introduction to the classical poetic forms of China, Japan, and Korea. Special consideration is paid to issues of canonization, classical theories of literature, and the development of multilingual literary traditions. All readings are in English.

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