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Cindy Shulak-Rome
DeLeT Alumni Coordinator

Prior to DeLeT, Cindy worked as a Jewish educator with her primary focus being supplementary school education. A founding member of Congregation Dorshei Tzedek in Newton, Massachusetts, she also served as Education Director of the congregation’s religious school for five years. She continues to teach the 7th grade class at Dorshei Tzedek.  

Cindy served on the Board of the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation (JRF) from 1998-2004, and on the JRF Executive Committee as Education Vice President from 2006-2008.   She currently serves as the off-board chair of the Education Committee. She also serves on the board of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Cindy received a master’s degree in Education and Speech-Language Pathology from University of California Santa Barbara and did her undergraduate work at University of Michigan.  She is currently a participant in the two-year Mandel Teacher Educator Institute.