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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Delet? 

The Delet (Day school Leadership through Teaching) program at Brandeis University offers a unique opportunity to earn a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Brandeis University and Massachusetts state licensure through our 13 month program that prepares Jewish day school teachers. There are three tracks: one for teaching general studies and Judaic studies, one for prospective Hebrew teachers, and lastly one for high school general studies or Tanakh/Bible teachers.

Where will my internship be?

Delet fellows are placed in day schools across the greater Boston area. In the past, placements have been at the following schools: Jewish Community Day school in Providence, Rhode Island; Jewish Community Day School in Watertown; Kehillah Schechter Academy in Norwood; Solomon Schechter School of Greater Boston in Newton; The Rashi School in Dedham;  Striar Hebrew Academy in Sharon; Metrowest Jewish Day School in Framingham; and Gann Academy in Waltham; Maimonides School in Brookline; Cohen Hillel Academy in Marblehead. 

Do I need a car?
Yes. The schools that we work with are spread out over a large geographical area. You will need to be able to easily commute between your school placement and Brandeis. Depending on which school you will be working at, it is nearly impossible to keep to a Delet fellow’s schedule by only using public transportation.
What does the program cost?
All accepted students are awarded very generous scholarships. The size of scholarships may vary year to year depending on our fundraising efforts and you eligibility.  We can guarantee at least a 20% scholarship for all students and possibly as much as 75%. There are other expenses such as university fees, books, living, and transportation costs. The Graduate school of Arts and Sciences at Brandeis has prepared a handy calculator to help anticipate these expenses. More information on available scholarships>>
Can I work while I'm in the program?
The Delet program is demanding and rigorous, so taking on outside work is strongly discouraged. If you have a special work situation, you must have the approval of the Delet faculty leader.
What is the daily schedule?
During the academic year, you will be in your school placement every day of the teaching week except for Thursday, when you will be in class from 8:30 am -6:30 pm at Brandeis. In the fall semester you have an additional course on Tuesday afternoons. During the summer, the schedule varies day to day, but you will be at Brandeis every day often from 8:30am to 6pm. See our calendar for exact schedules from past years.
What courses do I have to take?
The course requirements vary slightly between tracks. A lot of thought has gone into the Delet curriculum; it is closely integrated with the field work and meets Brandeis University and state requirements. Because of this, all courses are required and substitutions and exemptions are very infrequently granted. View the course requirements for the general/Judaic studies, Hebrew, and high school Tanakh tracks.
Will I be a licensed teacher at the end of the program?
Those in the general studies/Judaic track who successfully complete all of the classes, pass all of the state-mandated tests and assignments, and fulfill all the program requirements to the satisfaction of the faculty and administration, will be endorsed by Brandeis for licensure for an initial elementary (grades 1-6) license. Currently, there is no licensure for the Hebrew and Bible tracks.
What tests does the State require?

All candidates for licensure must pass the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) Communications and Literacy Skills Test (01), which includes a reading and a writing subtest. Candidates for elementary licensure (grades 1-6) must pass two additional subject matter tests:  General Curriculum multi-subject and math subtest (03) and Foundations of Reading (90). You can find more information from the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Are there requirements to teach after I graduate?
Yes, we require all students commit to teaching in a Jewish day school for at least two years after graduation. Delet is more than just a masters program, we offer support after graduation, help with job placement, guidance as a new teacher, and continuing professional development. With the training offered in the program and these supports in place, we hope that you are embarking on a long career in day school teaching.
Brandeis offers multiple Hebrew degree programs, which is right for me?

Besides our MAT in Teaching Hebrew, Brandeis also offers an MA in Teaching Hebrew. Please refer to this chart to understand the difference between the two programs. The main difference is that the MA prepares University instructors and is a two-year program, and Delet prepares elementary and high school Hebrew teachers and is offered in one year with an internship component.